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    Vana Nava Waterpark Hua Hin

    4.6 1,207 reviews | 20K+ Booked
    US$ 76.99
    Book now for 1 Nov 2021

    Black Mountain Water Park Hua Hin

    4.6 131 reviews | 2K+ Booked
    US$ 13.89
    Book now for today

    For Art's Sake Ticket Hua Hin

    4.4 55 reviews | 1K+ Booked
    US$ 6.19
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    What people are saying about Attractions & tickets in Hua Hin

    punyanuch Published 135 days ago
    Booking tickets in advance makes us quite comfortable. The staff will prepare them for you. Take 10-15 minutes to describe the condition. The advantage of booking in advance is free Nuttaket and Pepsi too. As for the water park, I must say that the staff here take good care of it. The staff looks quite like people who do activities (probably because not many people) except the female staff at the locker room _ The look or tone of the service is not okay _ should be improved. Bathroom cleaning staff, others are all good.
    Debbie Published 183 days ago
    My family and I love this water park. There is nothing my kids (9 and 11) can't do and there is enough to occupy us for hours. As well as the slides, the wave pool is a lot of fun, there is also quite a long last river and splash area. The cafe is reasonably priced. Currently the inflatables on the lake are not available, probably due to COVID restrictions.
    Natpatsa Published 309 days ago
    I love it. There are so many activities in the water park and I enjoy it. My friends and I bought the online tickets from Klook and have a special discount. This is so valuable. We just showed the ticket on our mobile to get the bracelets that everyone has to were it for check-in every single activity. That's so easy. If I have a chance to go there again, I will definitely buy an online ticket from Klook for the next time.
    fumihiro Published 398 days ago
    A small water park with only a slider, a flowing pool, a wave pool, an infinity pool and a children&#39;s pool. I feel that the scale is considerably smaller than the Vananava Water Jungle, but considering the price (half price with KLOOK) and the degree of congestion, I think that it is just the right scale for elementary school students. The momentum of the wave pool is amazing. This alone is enough to enjoy. It is also a high point that waves are generated every 24 minutes. However, it was finished 1 hour before the park closed. There are no huge sliders these days, but there are many types that children and adults can enjoy. Anyway, it&#39;s free so you can enjoy it as many times as you want without waiting. Bringing in food and drink is checked at the entrance and temporarily stored, but there are many sales places in the park for its size, so there is no problem. In addition, lockers are free with only a refundable deposit. Towels are also 50 THB. A deposit is required here as well. Conscientious. Hot water comes out in the shower. Although the scale is small, the price is low and you can enjoy playing enough for a day, so it is recommended for those who have children of elementary school age.
    Wai Ching Published 580 days ago
    A fun waterpark to go. If you buy ticket on klook, I see no reason why you don’t buy the all in one day pass. It is just 10% difference and you will get a THB100 retail voucher plus lunch buffet with unlimited entry within 11:30-4:30. One drawback was about the rules. My kid is very small(just 21 months) and the lifeguard didn’t allow us to accompany my son when we played the water slide in the kids area which made him very disappointed. And apparently we couldn’t enjoy the park as much as we could, so the waterpark in Bali we went the previous month was way better in this aspect.
    Irina Published 618 days ago
    Nice little water park. Most of all I liked two slides with large multi-place tubing and an artificial wave for surfing. On slides without tubing, joints are strongly felt on the back. The most extreme blue slide didn&#39;t work. With children 2 and 4 years old, you can only go to the children&#39;s slides and then not for everything. There are a lot of lifeguards on the territory. I liked the food in the lunch buffet and it was possible to go in several times to drink and eat on one ticket from 11.30 to 16.30. If you buy a ticket without lunch, the food is very expensive