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    Outdoor Explorations

    With sunny days and warm temperatures, summer is the perfect time to get away from the city and discover the wonders of nature. Make sure to try out our favorite outdoor activities for the season!


    Picturesque Views of the Colorado Mountains

    Take some time away from the city and discover the wonders of nature as you explore the Rocky Mountain National Park. Led by an adventurous and knowledgeable guide, you'll get to know about the mountain range and the diverse species that call it home. Marvel at the stunning views and try to spot some of the local animals there, such as elk, raptors, bighorn sheep, and more. The small group size gives the tour a more personalized feel - don't be shy to ask your guide if you have any questions!

    Key West

    A Luxurious Island Paradise

    Immerse yourself in the island wonders of Key West City by joining the Island ‘Ting Experience by Sebago! On this six-hour adventure, you’ll ride a catamaran and cruise around the island. There are lots of amenities you can enjoy aboard the vessel while you take in the scenery, like breakfast, lunch, snacks, soft drinks, and alcohol. You’ll also have the opportunity to go snorkeling and take a short kayaking “eco tour” through a lush mangrove forest. If you're lucky, you may see turtles, dolphins, manta rays, and the tropical fish that inhabit the area. Take a break from the land and spend a few hours relaxing in the aquatic paradise of Key West!

    San Francisco

    Witness North America’s Tallest Waterfall!

    Yosemite National Park is one of the world’s most well-known National Parks, as it is home to numerous protected natural wonders. Departing from San Francisco, you’ll pass through the Central Valley, which is one of California’s most pertinent agricultural areas. Taking up a massive 40-60 miles of land, it is a rich land full of farms, dedicated to produce and is considered a heartland of California. The next area is at the Sierra Foothills, located at the foot of the same Sierra Mountain Range that you’ll be able to view well from Yosemite. This area is well known for its vineyards and rich wine production. You will also get the chance to see the winding Merced River, a great place for swimming, hiking and even gold-panning! After this, you’ll see the Sierra Nevada Mountain range up close for yourself, and wonder at the majesty of them as they overlook the park. Throughout this trip, your driver guide will give you important information about each stop, so you’re also able to learn about the bounties protected within this National Park.

    San Francisco

    Learn About Winemaking at this World-Famous Wine Region

    Enjoy a fun and relaxing wine tour to Napa Valley and Sonoma, world-famous for their fine wines and beautiful scenery. This full day tour will take you to visit Napa Valley and Sonoma Wineries, California's Premier wine country for some wine tasting, learning a thing or two about winemaking techniques, and of course, shop for wines and souvenirs to take home! To start off, you'll be riding a comfortable coach and set forth on a picturesque drive over the Golden Gate Bridge, through the Marin Headlands, and into California's wine country. When you arrive in Sonoma, you will start your 45-minute tram tour of the Benziger Family Winery. You'll pass by their fermentation facilities and wine caves, learn about art and science of the winemaking process from how grapes are picked, crushed, blended, bottled, aged, and distributed. Get to try the fruit of their labor as you drink some fine wine at the end of the tram tour. After the vineyard tour, sit back, relax and enjoy a delicious picnic lunch at a local winery. In the afternoon, you'll visit the Benzinger's sister winery, Imagery Estate Winery and other Napa vineyards for another take on Califonia winemaking and of course, more wine tasting! Whether it's your first time to visit a wine country or if you're already a wine aficionado, this tour will certainly create an experience to remember.