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    Help Payment & receipts Payment What currencies does Klook accept?

    What currencies does Klook accept?

    Klook accepts payments in USD, HKD, SGD, CNY, TWD, MYR, KRW, THB, PHP, VND, IDR, EUR, GBP, CHF, DKK, ISK, NOK, SEK, RUB, KHR, MOP, AUD, NZD, and JPY.

    We also display prices (but do not accept payments) in 17 other currencies. You can see a full list by hovering your mouse over the currency symbol on the homepage.

    For Southeast Asian currencies not listed above, you will be charged in SGD. All other currencies not listed above will be charged in USD.

    Klook does not charge any additional handling fees for booking an activity, but some banks may charge international transaction fees if you are not paying in the local currency of your payment card. Please check with your bank before making a booking.

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