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    Help During Your Trip Car Rental What is the cancellation policy?

    What is the cancellation policy?

    In most cases, you will receive a full refund as long as you cancel the booking before pick up.

    However, some suppliers may offer free cancellation up to a certain hour before pick up. If you cancel past the free cancellation period, you'll receive a refund less than the full prepaid amount or no refund at all.

    If you cancel after your rental is due to start, no refunds will be given. If you do not pick up the car (usually counted as a 'no-show'), no refunds will be given. Car rental companies call it a 'no-show' when you do not pick the car up (e.g. you do not arrive at the arranged date and time, you do not have the right documents, you're not eligible for the rental, or the main driver does not have a credit card with enough credit for the deposit.)

    Some car rental companies may have their own cancellation policy, which you'll find in the Terms and Conditions of your booking.

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