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    Help During your activity Car rentals What is an insurance excess?

    What is an insurance excess?

    The excess is the amount you're liable for if you make a claim that the car is damaged (when it's covered under Collision Damage Waiver) or stolen (when it's covered under Theft Protection). This means that the car rental company will not charge you the whole cost if the car gets damaged or stolen during your rental.

    So if your excess is £250 and you make a claim for £1,000, the car insurance provider will keep the first £250 and give you the remaining £750. And if your excess is 0 and you make a claim for £1,000, the insurance provider will give you back £1,000.

    If you want to reduce the excess, you can pay to upgrade your coverage when you pick up your car at the rental counter. You can find the details of the excess amounts for your booking in the details page and on your order details.

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