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    Tagaytay Day Tour

    4.0 24 reviews | 800+ Booked
    US$ 19.85
    Book now for tomorrow

    Villa Escudero Resort Tour from Manila

    4.7 30 reviews | 400+ Booked
    US$ 53.29
    Book now for tomorrow
    US$ 25.79
    Book now for tomorrow

    The Big Binondo Food Wok

    4.3 13 reviews | 400+ Booked
    US$ 31.70
    Book now for tomorrow
    US$ 29.75
    Book now for tomorrow

    Old Manila Walk Full Day Tour

    4.7 6 reviews | 200+ Booked
    US$ 55.49
    Book now for 22 Aug 2021
    US$ 79.29
    Book now for today

    Old Manila Filipino Food Crawl

    5.0 3 reviews | 100+ Booked
    US$ 75.30
    Book now for tomorrow
    US$ 21.79
    Book now for tomorrow

    Old Manila - Heritage Full Day Tour

    5.0 1 reviews | 100+ Booked
    US$ 55.49
    Book now for tomorrow

    Manila Coffee Crawl

    100+ Booked
    US$ 63.45
    Book now for tomorrow
    US$ 63.45
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    What people are saying about Tours & sightseeing in Manila

    Angela Cherie Published 590 days ago
    Definitely worth it! Highlights include: 1. The cultural show (go on days with cultural shows) - Fri Sat Sun 2. Carabao cart ride with folk singing 3. Lunch by the waterfall - be early! 4. Bamboo rafting 5. One of a kind museum (interesting stuff) Our driver was also very good. Overall, we had a lot of fun!
    katia Published 592 days ago
    Bianca and Paula did a wonderful job guiding us through Manila. Everything was perfectly organised with private van and driver. It’s was a great opportunity to discover the Filipino cuisine. My absolute favourite dish was bibingka. We highly recommend this tour especially because it’s not only covering Binondo, the oldest Chinatown, but also Malate and the famous Dampa seafood street. You won’t be hungry after this tour!
    Anthony Published 594 days ago
    There was so many activities included in the package. Transportation was easy at the Moa Starbucks. Beautiful venue, entertaining cultural show, rafting was a blast to figure out, and the waterfall buffet was an event to remember. All of the food served was fresh, flavorful and tender. You need to check this out. The pick up time states 3, but it is more around 3:30-3:45 as the cultural show does not end until 3:15.
    Rozanne Published 598 days ago
    brought here my ofw mother and two aunties and they enjoyed this trip very much. they seldom get to go home in the Philippines and they appreciate the Filipino atmosphere, food, and ambiance in Villa Escudero. Buffet food is not too many but is definitely delicious. Swimming pool is clean and cozy. our klook driver is kind and took care of what was needed to give us a comfy and enjoyable tour.
    YONINA COLLEEN Published 682 days ago
    Booked this for two guests in town. Bianca was an amazing host, and our guests specifically appreciated the way she told the story and history of the places they visited and did not just overload them with a laundry list of dates and names. They got a real appreciation for the culture of the city, and we cannot thank Bianca enough for being such a fantastic host.
    Huey Ling Published 685 days ago
    Nilo our driver is such an awesome guy. Punctual, polite and accommodating and didn't mention anything about tipping, so we did not feel pressurized and gave out of our hearts. Special kudos to him! The Villa is delightful, like a haven from the buzz of the city. The lunch experience was awesome, especially so as the food was scrumptious. The bull cart ride, rafting, culture show, museum tour were all highlights! Though it was pricey, we enjoyed ourselves.