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    Explore destinations
    United States's must-visit cities
    Top experiences by city
    New York
    Don't miss: Urban adventures Culinary hotspot Arts and recreation Iconic landmarks Bucket list destination
    Explore New York
    Don't miss: Rest and relaxation Culinary hotspot Outdoor exploration History and culture Natural wonders Bucket list destination
    Explore Hawaii
    San Francisco
    Don't miss: Romantic moments Iconic landmarks Theme park fun Bucket list destination
    Explore San Francisco
    Las Vegas
    Don't miss: Urban adventures Arts and recreation Iconic landmarks Natural wonders Bucket list destination
    Explore Las Vegas

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    About United States

    The country that inspired Kerouac's On the Road, the United States is the ultimate backdrop for the road trip of a lifetime.

    When one thinks of the United States, bright lights and big cities come to mind – from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Vegas in the West; to New York City, Boston, and Chicago in the East. While all that is true, the United States is also that big, open road of coasts and cliffs, countryside wonders, snow-capped mountains, and redwood forests like Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, and the Grand Canyon. With so much to discover, it's no wonder that traveling is such a big part of the American Dream. No matter how much you think you've already covered, there will always be a long and exciting way to go.

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      U.S. Dollar

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    • Best time to visit
      • MAY - JUN

        Late spring

      • APR - SEP

        Baseball season

    Cities to Explore in United States