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    Netherlands's must-visit cities
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    Explore Amsterdam
    Rotterdam & Kinderdijk
    Don't miss: Arts and Recreation History and Culture
    Explore Rotterdam & Kinderdijk

    Explore all things to do in Netherlands

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    About Netherlands

    There's much to love about the Netherlands, its flatlands and cobbled streets; a charming country where old meets new – where tulip fields go hand in hand with a bustling nightlife; where centuries-old-windmills coexist with innovative architecture; and where icons such as Van Gogh and Rembrandt are displayed with up and coming contemporary works.

    Do as the Dutch do and discover the country on two wheels. See Amsterdam at night with a cruise along the canals. Stop and smell the flowers at the Keukenhof gardens. Revel at the artwork in various museums and marvel at Rotterdam's cutting-edge architecture. A true traveler's dream, the Netherlands will always have you coming back for more.

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        Best time to visit Keukenhof

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