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    Tokyo Prefecture
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    Explore Tokyo Prefecture
    Okinawa Prefecture
    What we love here:
    Explore Okinawa Prefecture
    Osaka Prefecture
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    Explore Osaka Prefecture
    Hokkaido Prefecture
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    Explore Hokkaido Prefecture

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    About Japan

    Only in Japan would you find the perfect juxtaposition of old and new, where hi-tech electronic shops and robot restaurants are only a stone's throw away from classic Shinto shrines.

    Famous for elusive Cherry Blossoms in spring, Japan is a sight to see even at any other time of the year. Take a dip in Okinawa's beaches in the summer, stroll through golden forests in the fall, and test your skills on the slopes of Hokkaido in the winter! Getting from one major city to another is no issue. Simply book a JR Pass and hop on a train to get from the bustling city of Tokyo to Osaka in just 2.5 hours - leaving you with more than enough time to enjoy an entire day (or two) at Universal Studios Japan

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    • Currency
      Japanese Yen

      1USD = 115.22JPY

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    • Best time to visit
      • MAR - APR

        Cherry Blossom Season

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