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    Amsterdam Railway & Public Transport 2020

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    What Travellers Think of Amsterdam

    Published 323 days ago
    It ’s really convenient. You do n’t have to worry about the traffic in Amsterdam. You can go up directly when you see the car you want to take. You do n’t have to buy a ticket. You can also take it home to commemorate it, and it is cheaper than selling it on the spot. Tickets can be collected at the entrance of the airport and Central Station. ?And enter the discount code `` E4XPM &#39;&#39; to get a discount of NT $ 100 (HK $ 25) ???? Very cost-effective ??????????
    Wing Ki
    Published 227 days ago
    I bought a 72-hour card, went to the Nemo Science Museum, all the art museums in the Van Gogh Museum area + Diamond Museum (small, half an hour to visit, very busy and just go nearby) and the original MOCO Museum Change to a city card for free admission, everyone who wants to go does not need to buy another ticket at klook! The most amazing thing is that the original city card includes a guided tour to visit the Ajax football stadium! If you calculate the time, you can use 4 days, but you have to calculate the time in the morning to go to the attractions where you can swipe the card to exchange tickets for the day, even if the city card expires after that day, you can use the tickets to enter. Individual measured places where you can exchange attractions tickets: NEMO Science Museum, Diamond Museum, EYE Cinema, Hermitage Amsterdam (There are three museums to see: jewelry, oil painting and Outsider art, you can get tickets separately, but if you look at the three exhibitions quickly, one Can be completed within half an hour), Jewish History Museum, Ajax vault Ruf stadium tour (take the ticket and neckband first, you can watch the time of each group online, you can queue up to enter the time, no reservation required), This is Holland 5D experience. If you go to the Netherlands for 5 days, you can buy this card for 4 days. You can find the last day to go to the windmill village, including some windmill village museum tickets (train pays). Unfortunately, I made a mistake and went to Yangjiao Village first, so I finally couldn&#39;t go to Windmill Village. After 6 days, you can play city card + Windmill Village and then Yangjiao Village.

    Popular Railway & Public Transport in Amsterdam

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