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    Amsterdam Tours & Sightseeing 2020

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    What Travellers Think of Amsterdam

    Jessica Faye
    Published 341 days ago
    The tour is hosted by Sandemans which is my favorite tour provider in Europe. The guide was very informative, the tour was interesting, and it's a different approach to the usual happy-go-lucky city tours. It really makes you realize how horrific events of WW2 were and it's something I highly recommend travelers experience.
    Published 314 days ago
    The itinerary is very smooth, and the guides who speak Nice are also very good in English. They also speak German and Spanish. Fortunately, the weather was so good that it was a big sun, and the photos I took were very beautiful! After returning, I went up to the observation deck to see the entire Amsterdam and sunset. It was so beautiful!
    Published 290 days ago
    1. The benz shuttle bus was arranged, which is very convenient and comfortable. 2. The tour guide was very enthusiastic about the history and introduced the Netherlands, and the care was very thoughtful. 3. The itinerary is good. I traveled to Windmill Village and two small towns in one day. Although there are arrangements for shopping for cheese and waffles, they are really delicious and worth buying. The only thing that I think can be improved is that it is a bit difficult to recognize the tour guide when gathering. After we arrived at the meeting place starbucks, because there was no way to contact the tour guide, and we did not know who was the tour guide. Fortunately, the tour guide came to ask us, otherwise I was really worried. It is suggested that tour guides can add some signs for easy recognition.
    Published 277 days ago
    This was something to do in a day for 1 hour. I booked this Canal Cruise through KLOOK before coming to Amsterdam. I was thinking that I could do it at 2 PM or 3 PM since I would arrives in AmSterdam at 1 (which) probably better for photo, but my flight was delayed so have to do it after my Heinekens Experience. So I end up doing the cruise at 8PM instead. Keep in minds though this is a LOVER company canal cruise. The reasons I’m telling you all this in the review because there’s was so many company and I didn’t know which is which and because it’s didn’t say on the ticket. Or maybe it did but I ended up asking one of the company in front of the Amsterdam central for it. Overall, this is a great way to know a bit about Amsterdam and I do really really like this 1 hour canal cruise. Best for a new comers like me. Anyways, you will come across Sea Palace which is a Chinese restaurants and your tour guide might say something good about it or a place for you to try. Now don’t follow it. From my experience that Sea Palace isn’t that great. Wasted 2 hours of waiting and foods wasn’t great compares to the Sichuan Restaurant in the red district.
    Chen Yun
    Published 261 days ago
    This time, two gold and two silver were used in the windmill villages of Amsterdam and Zansberg, and were used in the Dutch National Museum, the Municipal Museum of Amsterdam, 1hr Lovers Cruise and 25min Windmill Cruise. Like the more popular Van Gogh, we choose to buy directly on the official website (£ 19 / person, audio guide £ 5). The Anne Frank House is not included in the Holland Pass. It is also purchased and booked directly from the official website (£ 9 + official website reservation fee). £ 1 with free audio guide). The location for changing the pass is on the right side after going straight out of Amsterdam Centraal (the gate number is 26). It is very convenient to use. The National Museum and the municipality need to go to the counter to exchange tickets. It is very good to have a memorial value. Saved about $ 300, if you have a short number of days, you can consider using this directly. The municipal art museum is modern and personally prefers the National Museum. And almost all the Dutch backpacks and coats are stored for free, and the service is very good!
    Published 208 days ago
    A must-visit place in the Netherlands, on the outskirts of Amsterdam, about half an hour to the central train station, and to a small town, close to the seaside, the weather is good, take a walk and take a coffee Things, the guides are very, very enthusiastic and humorous, they can laugh all the way, especially like their double-decker sightseeing bus, the view is very good, it is worth recommending

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