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    What travelers think of Amsterdam

    Published 315 days ago
    When you come to Amsterdam, you must drink Heineken, especially in Heineken's oldest brewery, it has a taste, so you must visit the Heineken Museum! This museum is simply a super powerful brand store. The front is a high-quality history and knowledge display. The second half is like participating in a fun Heineken party, and you can drink two very delicious Heineken It's completely different from Taiwan's bitter Heineken. I recommend everyone to come. I think he can change his name to Heineken Paradise, which is more suitable.
    Published 276 days ago
    I love Lakes! Van Gogh is good, but real Europeans don't eat and paint. Experience the essence of the display. For reference, I went to the side of the cafe and went to a café and saw a sculpture hall. It's so modern and the walls are really ... The section is fantastic and it's a bit narrow, but it was easy to see. I loved Diffie Sense, which uses the Lakes works that I can display, so I went to the main exhibition to see Rembrandt. Please watch slowly from afar and see what is being restored. It is a national museum with a different feel from Van Gogh. It's big, so I think it'll take four hours to see everything slowly.
    Published 274 days ago
    One of the museums that you must visit if you are in Amsterdam, you can skip the line by showing the barcode pass that you have bought from Klook. I visited alone at that time, I bought a pass 1 set with a canal cruise. Really a very interesting experience, for an hour we can enjoy this canal city. In addition, there are many photo objects around the museum, not to forget to capture them.
    Published 268 days ago
    If you take the 397 bus from the airport, you'll be right in front of the museum. When I came here, the price was very high. I was in the position at 1:30, but I came in with a barcode at 1:10. It was great to see the works of artists influenced by propositions, the works of artists who were close friends in Paris, and other artists such as Mane, Monet, Pissare, Gauguin. I had to hurry. I didn't have enough 4 hours. While watching famous works are more impressive was the time of Amsterdam, but was ~~ attend each year the weather is too cold careful cyclists who lotta something too cluttered and keep careful That's where there is enough reason to go with just one ~~ Gogh Museum
    Wing Ki
    Published 259 days ago
    I bought a 72-hour card, went to the Nemo Science Museum, all the art museums in the Van Gogh Museum area + Diamond Museum (small, half an hour to visit, very busy and just go nearby) and the original MOCO Museum Change to a city card for free admission, everyone who wants to go does not need to buy another ticket at klook! The most amazing thing is that the original city card includes a guided tour to visit the Ajax football stadium! If you calculate the time, you can use 4 days, but you have to calculate the time in the morning to go to the attractions where you can swipe the card to exchange tickets for the day, even if the city card expires after that day, you can use the tickets to enter. Individual measured places where you can exchange attractions tickets: NEMO Science Museum, Diamond Museum, EYE Cinema, Hermitage Amsterdam (There are three museums to see: jewelry, oil painting and Outsider art, you can get tickets separately, but if you look at the three exhibitions quickly, one Can be completed within half an hour), Jewish History Museum, Ajax vault Ruf stadium tour (take the ticket and neckband first, you can watch the time of each group online, you can queue up to enter the time, no reservation required), This is Holland 5D experience. If you go to the Netherlands for 5 days, you can buy this card for 4 days. You can find the last day to go to the windmill village, including some windmill village museum tickets (train pays). Unfortunately, I made a mistake and went to Yangjiao Village first, so I finally couldn't go to Windmill Village. After 6 days, you can play city card + Windmill Village and then Yangjiao Village.
    Published 219 days ago
    Really interesting place to go and kept all ages busy!! We took three teens aged from 10 to 15 and three adults. There is so much to do and so many different experiments on every floor. We spent over 5 hours here and would of stayed longer if weren’t closing. Friendly and helpful staff!! Lots of fun whilst learning!

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