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    Singapore Zoo & Aquarium 2020

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    What Travellers Think of Singapore

    Published 264 days ago
    The park is small but very interesting. It is about 5 minutes walk from Singapore Zoo. It is recommended that you can play two parks a day. Tickets already include cruises and Amazon adventure boats. It is quite convenient to buy additional tickets. You don&#39;t need to change the ticket directly when you enter the park and board the Scan document. However, the five-dollar credit card needs to be changed at the entrance machine. You need to pay attention ~ you can use one at least 25 SGD. Can arrive one! It took a lot of time to get the bill and the amount.
    Published 249 days ago
    Aquarium here is great and very big. Seeing him say that it&#39;s the largest in the world or Asia. The entrance fee is several hundred baht. But it&#39;s already worth it. Very large fish of various kinds. Especially the shark is very scary. Anyone visiting Singapore wants to come here to see. Come in a lot of different fish species There are bugs Perfect for bringing friends, bringing girlfriend, family to travel. Worthwhile if using coupons.
    Mei Yuann
    Published 240 days ago
    what an incredible experience this was. we were on our last full day in Singapore and looking for an activity to do during the day. Through klook, purchasing this voucher was easy and smooth and was a must as it included a free soya milk drink from Mr Bean. We got to feed the loris which was the highlight of this day.
    Published 220 days ago
    Night safari by open tram was a great experience. You can actually see the live animals roaming or grazing lazily around you. The safari during night time is an amazing thing to do while you are in Singapore. Also after sitting in the tram, the interactive audio keeps you familiar with the animals on your left or right and tells more about them in brief. Also after the tram ride gets over, you can actually walk around in the wilderness and explore the animals and activities on your own as well. Yeah last but not the least, we also enjoyed the live animals show where they make you sit in an open amphitheatre and witness an amazing narration involving performance by live animals. Just Wowww!! Absolutely recommended!!
    Review for: Singapore Zoo Ticket
    Published 127 days ago
    Klook buys the ticket directly to the entrance and swipes the QR code to enter the venue, no longer need to spend time in line to buy the ticket! Singapore Zoo is really a very open space! You can also feed giraffes, rhinos and elephants! This experience is really rare~ and my favorite Komodo Dragon ?? really super super super super super super love Singapore Zoo!
    fuan fah
    Published 70 days ago
    The price is cheaper than the ticket purchase at the counter and save the time for queuing at the counter. The attraction itself is one of the worth visiting attraction in Singapore. Great learning experience for kids with variety of underwater creatures. Highly recommend for family especially with kids.

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