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    Singapore Exhibits & Installations 2020

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    What Travellers Think of Singapore

    Published 224 days ago
    Looking at it from outside would seem just ordinary. Once you get inside, simply one word i can describe it as - WOW!! It was a mesmerizing experience to get inside the Studio and come across the magic crated in coordination with technology and human creativity. It was really nice to understand the history of Singapore, its airports, green environment using the digital aids, fantabulously done. It was entertaining, refreshing at the same time during the time spent inside the studio. Plus games and activities made our day lively! Thanks a lot Klook! Just to add, the host at the entrance was really helpful, since one of the voucher i carried out of total 2 vouchers wasn't accepted while scanning it with barcode reader on their PC, however they did a little of troubleshooting internally and let both of us enter the studio.

    Popular Exhibits & Installations in Singapore

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