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    Kuala Lumpur Popular Attractions 2021

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    Why people love Kuala Lumpur

    Nurul Akmal Hidayah
    Published 247 days ago
    Everything smooth from start to end. Book 12pm session without knowing the animal show also at that time, so it filled my time ?? Due to pandemic, they handle visitors with very well-organized. Gladly every visitor follow the new rules. But as for the animal... they look skinny especially our Tiger. Any than that everything was so fine, if you're tired of walking, you can take tram and relax enjoying the view. It only cost RM8 (for Malaysian). Suitable for bunch of teenagers, solo traveler, family. Have a visit when you come to Malaysia/ when you visit Kuala Lumpur.
    Review for: KL Tower Ticket
    Published 228 days ago
    The Menara Tower - not easy to reach on foot - is on the rise - you will have to walk uphill along a road that is not intended for pedestrians. Why she? - you can see the Petronas towers from it)) It has a circular observation deck - there is both open and closed. There is a Skybox - a glass cube over an abyss Entrance to the open observation deck + skybox - 1123 rubles (via Klook). Cost more on site + queue. The time for a photo in the skybox is limited - a timer is set at 2 minutes per person. Passage by numbers. I liked that - I hate the live queues with "I was standing here." The views are gorgeous. It is not worth spending time on a closed observation deck - because of the glass, the photos are bad.
    Published 49 days ago
    Everything was so good and beautiful ! Please take the time to enjoy each and every aquarium and watch how unique and beautiful all of the fishes and sea creatures there. The fishes are all so cute and pretty to look at especially the big stingray !! The big and cute stingray is definitely the highlight of my day there ??
    Published 20 days ago
    highly recommended. very reasonable price. The road is a bit long so you won't get bored and feel fleeting. many interesting and beautiful places. book a week early okay because the first 50 people can enter in a day. the best is not crowded, there are only a few places that can go up because covid but still many other best places are still open. next time i will come again. xoxo?????????
    Published 9 days ago
    cheap price compared to walkin, but im so sad bcs enter dh at 1 then line up for all the long toys can la play 2 3 toys then dh enter prayer time. place of prayer outside the kwsan theme park plaque. hope management can provide special for theme park customers. then close early at 8. so far not bad .. will repeat soon but have to manage betul2 time??????

    Popular Popular Attractions in Kuala Lumpur

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