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    Kuala Lumpur Activities & Experiences 2021

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    Why people love Kuala Lumpur

    Published 241 days ago
    It’s very convenient to use it on the day of booking. Evil Elevator VR is very fun. When I met Indian pig teammates, we were so scared to press the password all the time and we immediately Game over... After the stuff, we stayed and asked if we want to play again. Once, because the Indian kept pressing XD just now. An impressive experience
    Atiqah Shahrin
    Published 111 days ago
    best tu mmng best. but I'm upset that the staff can't explain. I don't care about the speaking part. the story of the article explain him. dtg dtg kata tak "i dont know" waklu. I'll call you for help. He just finished 5 minutes of the game. but the female staff is nice and bright. women are happy to understand. nokharam. but best je game he's just wrong. I don't know if I'm wrong or if I'm stupid, I'm not good at it. hahaha main yg vampire tu. he said there was a measles vampire we knew. over is. hahhaa but mmng best. ckp best ni dah bnyk kali dah. ok bye. I'll have more money later. I sprayed the staff. taklah tipu je. Maybe he's new or less smart like us. heheh it's a joke. ok let's come support. The staff is ok, except for the white ckp.
    Jun Sun
    Published 101 days ago
    Staff are really friendly, they greet and ask about our day or about any dissatisfaction on our room, service is really good, i got nothing to be picky on. Breakfast/afternoon tea/evening cocktail are all located at G floor Serena Brasserie due to the pandemic. The room itself is great and spacious, very comfortable to be in. KLOOK mentioned @Complimentary in-room mini-bar (Non-alcohol only) I'm not sure about that, i am suspicious about it since i saw a price menu when i open the mini bar....so i din't touch anything inside. 15mins before checkout, one of the staff came to check the mini bar, so i assume it's not free. It's value for money, do make sure you're in good hand by purchasing this package & their service.
    Nur Ardani
    Published 18 days ago
    Tried the beginner level and still found it very challenging. ?? Still, thanks to Breakout, we were able to experience the feeling of 'escape room', a bit of detective spirit and it was soo much fun! ???? Recommend to gather your friends/family members in at least 4 people, max till 8. You'll enjoy the moment. ??

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