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    Top things to do in Macau

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    What travelers think of Macau

    Review for: Macao Science Center
    Wai Kwan
    Published 305 days ago
    The Macau Science Museum is super fun. Adults book tickets through Klook when they arrive, and you can buy and use each one for $ 22. Children do not need to book Klook for the admission fee of $ 15. There are 14 small restaurants in the whole hall, and some of the small halls are fun for adults, enough for adults to spend 4 hours with children.
    Published 297 days ago
    Excellent experiences with my family when we participated the Batman Dark Flight in Studio City Macau; No long queue needed as we already pre-booked related ticket with KLOOK. Front desk worker was friendly and helpful to take care our big luggage bag temporary. Will come again for the same ride in the future.
    Samuel Adrian
    Published 288 days ago
    This was a nice experience. Getting to the entrance was a lot of loops around the hotel if you follow the signs. Or you could just look for the elevator that will take you up to that floor. It was a lot of fun, great for picturing taking. Go there just before sundown, so you get the beautiful site of the tower in daylight, and while you're up there you also catch the amazing lights that turn on at night. Fun! Compare it to being at the Macau Tower looking down the glass floor and thinking the glass could break with your weight on it.
    Chun Sing
    Published 272 days ago
    Entrance is at the basement of Macau tower building. Just show the ticketing staff your online booking and they will issue you a physical ticket. Very fast and simple however depending on the crowd on the day of visit. The ticket allows you to go level 58 and 61 of the tower. Level 61 is an outdoor area where the bungee jump and tower walk facilities are located. Level 58 is an indoor area with snacks and drinks are available. On the mezzanine level is a restaurant offering buffet and high tea.
    Hong Xi
    Published 79 days ago
    Located in the Venetian Resort, parking is convenient, but although you can directly scan the code to enter the venue with the Klook platform, you can enter the venue quickly, but if you want to enjoy an extra 2 hours (such as buying a ticket on its official website), it is very troublesome. Informed that you must apply to the business center, obviously creating obstacles. . . As for the shows in the space are very attractive, it is worth spending two hours to play slowly!
    Published 42 days ago
    I visited Macau for the second time. I came to Macau and I was very relaxed. The pace is slow and relaxed. It is very suitable for a holiday here....The figure 8 Ferris wheel is very special and arouses my curiosity. I want to take a look and take a look at the Ferris wheel and I want to talk about it. It's very exciting, hahaha, don't worry about the children, they can also slowly rotate their eyes safely to watch the night scene at night...

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