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    Belfast Local Sightseeing 2020

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    What Travellers Think of Belfast

    Published 199 days ago
    As someone who had longed to see the Giant's Causeway (plus a bonus of crossing the rope bridge, and the Dark Hedges) - this Tour with DEREK was PERFECT! The tour bus was a bit delayed (around 10mins) of getting to our pick-up point in Belfast (from Dublin) as it got stuck in the city traffic but Derek and driver Joseph more than made up for it (they were apologetic and very polite). The pace was just right and they gave us more than enough time to bask in each attraction. Not only was Derek very warm (despite the crazy Northern Irish weather) and very well-informed - he was FUNNY, which the group appreciated since it was quite a long drive and we needed some pick-me-up. Also, he was kind enough to make the drive even more interesting by singing us a funny folk song (great voice BTW!). I highly recommend this tour and would definitely hop on to this particular one again if I have the chance. With DEREK and JOSEPH of course!
    Yung Lin
    Published 71 days ago
    The ride time of each attraction is well controlled, and the driver intersperses some interesting stories from time to time, which makes the journey much easier and does not feel like being in the car all the time. It is recommended to go back to the plot of Wen Bing and Huo before departure, so that you will feel more when you visit.

    Popular Local Sightseeing in Belfast

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