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    What to know

    Popular activities in Melaka

    [Klook Exclusive] 2D1N Safari Camp Staycation with The Orchard Wellness Resort Malacca
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    US$ 106.19

    The Shore Sky Tower Ticket
    ★ 4.3
    2K+ Booked
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    US$ 5.89

    US$ 5.69

    A’Famosa Ticket in Melaka
    ★ 4.1
    6K+ Booked
    Bestseller Instant Confirmation

    US$ 10.65

    From US$ 9.45

    2D1N Couple Getaway at The Orchard Wellness Resort with Spa & Salt Room
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    US$ 212.15

    2D1N Fun Eco Staycation with Orchard Wellness Resort in Malacca
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    US$ 306.55

    US$ 235.75

    Fire Fly Magical Light Show Admission Ticket at Freeport A’Famosa Outlet
    ★ 5.0
    Instant Confirmation

    US$ 6.60

    US$ 5.89

    SKYTREX Adventure Melaka
    ★ 5.0
    300+ Booked
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    From US$ 14.15

    Melaka Zoo Admission Ticket
    ★ 3.5
    700+ Booked
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    US$ 8.99

    From US$ 8.75

    Menara Taming Sari Ticket in Melaka
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    US$ 4.05

    From US$ 3.79

    Upside Down House Gallery Melaka Ticket
    ★ 4.2
    2K+ Booked
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    US$ 4.25

    US$ 3.79

    Experiences for everyone in Melaka

    Melaka Madness
    Discover famous theme parks and tons of exciting attractions all around the famous historical state of Malaysia
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    Why people love Melaka

    Idk if it's due to COVID19 or luck wasn't on my side, but in my opinion it's easier if you buy it on the spot as it is more hassle free than booking online. the cashier seems to be not well prepared when it comes to online booking. it took much longer for me to redeem the voucher than buying it on the spot.
    I found out that the title description [buy 1 free 1] is a bit confusing. During purchased, you actually need to select 2 adults. Based on my understanding, if buy 1 free one means if you buy for 1 adult, the subsequent adult fee will be waived. Please help to look into the description. Others all good. Cheaper than buying at the counter.
    If I decided to go temporarily, I checked the fare and ordered the ticket. I arrived at the destination in 20 minutes and can be used immediately. It is very convenient and the price is much cheaper than that of the day. On the holiday, it costs 45 people and Klook only has 38 people. And don&#39;t have to line up

    Top sights in Melaka

    Melaka (or Malacca) is the historical state of Malaysia listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From going on a historical tour about its colonization to exploring the bustling night market, you will never run out of things to do in Melaka. If you’re looking for things to do in Melaka with family and friends check out the following locations:


    More than just a photo stop, A’Famosa is a historical Portuguese fortress built in the early 16th century. In fact, it is recognized as the oldest European structure in Southeast Asia. Only some parts of the fortress have been restored, including the gate, sewage system, defensive walls, and watchtower. At the hilltop is an amazing view of the Strait of Malacca.
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    St Paul's Church

    St. Paul’s Church is the oldest church building in Southeast Asia. Built in 1521, this structure is built at the summit of St. Paul’s Hill by the Portuguese and is known as the place where the body of St. Francis Xavier was once laid to rest. Visit this place and you’ll find yourself surrounded by tombstones with Portuguese inscriptions that are hundreds of years old. You’ll see a marble statue of St. Francis Xavier, too.
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    A massive 17th-century red building located in the Dutch Square, Stadthuys was once the seat of Dutch administration. It has contrasting white shutters, a tiled roof, and doors with wrought iron hinges, giving it that distinctive Dutch colonial architectural style. The Dutch Square’s crown jewel now houses several museums, including the History and Ethnography Museum.
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    Christ Church Melaka

    Christ Church Melaka is one of Melaka’s most defining structures as it was built by the Dutch when they took over the city in place of the Portuguese colonizers. This Protestant church stands tall with massive walls and columns, granite plinths, and Dutch roof tiles. Inside the church are polished wooden pews and beautiful timber crucifixes, and outside is a sight to behold with different potted plants. When you’re done exploring, you can bring home a piece of the place from the number of souvenir shops nearby.
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