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    Experiences for everyone in Edinburgh

    Best of Edinburgh
    Drop by these must-see tourist landmarks in the city to make your visit as good as can be!
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    Top sights in Edinburgh

    Past and the present intersect at Edinburgh, where the medieval architecture of the Old Town and the neoclassical style of the New Town seamlessly combine to create one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Filled with a variety of attractions and experiences in and around the city, some hidden in the city’s nooks and crannies, one will never run out of things to do in Edinburgh! Check out our travel guide for the city to find out what Edinburgh has to offer.

    Edinburgh Castle

    Learn about the fascinating details of Scottish history with a trip to Edinburgh Castle, filled to the brim with all sorts of fascinating artifacts. Marvel at the collection of crown jewels owned by Mary, Queen of Scots, who was only six days old when she acceded the throne. You can also get to know more about Scotland’s military history by checking out the Scottish War Memorial and the gun ceremony at 1:00pm. Don’t forget to get some Highland Single Malt Scotch whiskey as a souvenir, only available inside the castle!
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    Royal Mile

    A busy street home to some of the city’s best pubs and souvenir shops, the Royal Mile was given its name after it was used by the king to travel along the one-mile cobblestone street between Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Be mesmerized by the street performers as they go about their acts, which can range from opera, circus skills, visual arts, and more! In the shops, some tucked away in the alleyways, one can find good prices for cool souvenirs like cashmere sweaters and Scotch whisky.
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    Palace of Holyroodhouse

    Learn more about how the royals live at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the official residence of the queen during her visits, and one of the most popular Edinburgh tourist spots. Take a look at the well-preserved rooms in the palace, with the grand furniture, decorated ceilings, paintings, and tapestries as you listen to the audio guide with your headphones. Outside the palace lies the abbey ruins, surrounded by the greenery of the garden and its gorgeous flowers.
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    Arthur’s Seat

    Take some time away from the city by climbing up Arthur’s Seat, the hill located just outside of Edinburgh. With sweeping views of Edinburgh’s scenery, it’s a must-try experience for travelers visiting for the first time. Make sure to wear good shoes and wear layers, as the climb can be quite steep and the weather can get windy very quickly. If you’re not up for the climb up to the top, you can walk around the lower part of the hill instead to visit the ruins of St. Anthony's Chapel.
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