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    Why people love Munich

    Because of traffic arrangements, we can only visit Neuschwanstein Castle in the end, and there is no way to go to other castles, but Neuschwanstein Castle is still worth visiting. Although tourists are not allowed to take pictures inside, the exterior of Neuschwanstein Castle is worth taking pictures. The castle is the prototype of Disney Castle

    Top sights in Munich

    Known as a city that celebrates art, fun, and culture, Munich is a must-visit for any traveler. Though it's famous for delicious and world-class beer, there are also plenty of must-visit tourist attractions in Munich, such as historical landmarks, farmers' markets, and local breweries, all filled with beauty and grandeur. Get around the city better with these ideas of the best things to see in Munich!


    The geographical and cultural heart of Munich, the Marienplatz is an ideal starting point before seeing the other must-see attractions in the city. The Marienplatz has several extraordinary monuments that will take your breath away, which makes it the most famous square in the city! Gaze upon the Mariensaule, a magnificent column topped with a golden statue of the Virgin Mary, surrounded by bronze cherub statues at its base. Make sure to look out for the Neues Rathaus or the New Town Hall, an iconic neo-gothic building that has become a popular choice for postcards. If you visit during the spring or fall, you'll get to enjoy sunny weather and a gentle breeze as you walk around.
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    English Garden

    With over 370 hectares of lush lawns and vast open space, the English Garden is a peaceful hideaway in the center of Munich. Enjoy a carefree day just lazing on the grass and benches, or choose to try out the other attractions in the area, such as joining a tea ceremony at the Japanese teahouse, surrounded by a beautiful lake or visiting the Monopteros, a Greek temple that offers stunning views of the cityscape. The park also has a very interesting but unexpected feature: the Eisbach, a standing wave where people can surf in the artificial river. Drop by during the summertime to make the most out of the sunshine!
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    Nymphenburg Palace

    Feel like royalty as you wander around the halls of Nymphenburg Palace, a stunning Baroque palace that highlights Germany's rich history and heritage. Enter the lavishly-decorated rooms such as the Queen's Bedroom, filled with three-dimensional frescoes on the ceilings and the expertly preserved antiques. The palace also houses museums that showcase stunning collections of porcelain and royal carriages, as well as a 490-acre park that's as spectacular as the palace itself, with its cascading waterfalls, a canal, and even a lake! In summer, you can enjoy a peaceful gondola ride in the lake and spot adorable animals roaming the gardens. As one of the most popular historical sites in Munich, Nymphenburg Palace won't disappoint!
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    Munich Residenz

    See one of the largest city palaces in Germany, transformed by the Wittelsbach dynasty from a small 14-century castle. The best of Munich Residenz include the Treasury, an impressive collection of jewels spanning 1,000 years, the Antiquarium, a grand banquet hall adorned with exquisite ceiling frescoes and paintings, and the Cuvilliés Theatre, a magnificent theater with ornate carvings and bright velvet decor. The palace is simply stunning and is worth visiting when you're in central Munich.
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