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    London Fun With Kids 2021

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    What travelers think of London

    Review for: Windsor Castle Ticket
    Published 355 days ago
    I bought the sights of London and Paris, London Bridge, Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey, Moulin Rouge, Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe, Sainte-Chapelle at KLOOK in one breath. Very convenient, but the Louvre Museum and Hung Hom Square must be at the designated agency Change the ticket first. Since you live near the Louvre, it is not difficult to find a ticket exchange place. Windsor Castle is well worth a visit, and there are many shops inside.
    Jacinto Blas
    Published 320 days ago
    The tour was very informative not only to the Harry Potter fan but even to a first time tourist in London. The guide was very warm and accommodating. Wherever there were places of interest, he would take the time to talk about these whether or not it was related to the Harry Potter franchise. Whenever applicable, the guide had pictures from the Harry Potter series that showed the actual footage that appeared in the film. Aside from these, the guide would volunteer to take our pictures. Overall, it was a very memorable and enjoyable experience.
    Published 52 days ago
    We recommend watching the Harry Potter movie before you go! !! It was a meeting three hours after I arrived, but it was quite large and I was watching it carefully, so I had to spend time buying souvenirs ...! So you may need to allocate time! !! For the time being, even one person is insanely fun! !! What's more, I'm really impressed! !! I was so glad I went! !!

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