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    London Transport & Travel Services 2021

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    Why people love London

    Published 292 days ago
    Highly recommended! Bicester Village’s Vip card will be obtained from the outlet’s service center with the printed voucher. They will give a QR code, which will be displayed to the store before checkout. There will be a 10% discount, but some Stores can be used, some stores can not be used, and some have regulations on how much to consume before they can be used. You need to ask the store separately. In addition, I went on July 2 because there are still not many people taking the train because of the epidemic. Although the website here says that it is not suitable for departures from Marylebone before 9:00 in the morning, I printed The voucher I didn’t write was written, so I wanted to try it anyway, but it didn’t work. As a result, I successfully boarded the car at 8:06am. I wasn’t sure if I could still get to the peak time after returning to work. To arrive at Marylebone station early, the voucher must be printed in advance and stamped at the station's service desk. Passing by this paper, usually the route to Oxford is on platform 2. When I arrived in Bicester Village, it was an unmanned station. There was a machine next to it that could talk to the station clerk. Just show him the camera show on the machine with his voucher. He would help open the gate.

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