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    London Museums & Galleries 2020

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    What Travellers Think of London

    Review for: Windsor Castle Ticket
    Published 272 days ago
    I bought the sights of London and Paris, London Bridge, Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey, Moulin Rouge, Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe, Sainte-Chapelle at KLOOK in one breath. Very convenient, but the Louvre Museum and Hung Hom Square must be at the designated agency Change the ticket first. Since you live near the Louvre, it is not difficult to find a ticket exchange place. Windsor Castle is well worth a visit, and there are many shops inside.
    Published 241 days ago
    Tickets for Westminster Abbey are easy to exchange. In addition to the London Eye, Big Ben, and Tower Bridge you must visit, Westminster Abbey is also one of the must-see attractions. Westminster Abbey is located near Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. You can line up these points on the same day.
    shin yi
    Published 240 days ago
    The driving distance is about 1.5-2hr from London, and Google Navigation is very clear that we are not lost. It is a place worth visiting. But the winter is really freezing (8 degrees on a sunny day, a scarf, gloves, and a hat are necessary). If it rains again, it should be like an ice storage, and the warm clothing accessories should be a little enough. You have to go to the counter to change your ticket first. The ticket includes a shuttle bus. It does not include a guided tour (£ 3).
    Published 233 days ago
    This is One of the best attractions in London. Love the history of this place. It feels like you are walking in some other world.. From there you could have a beautiful view of tower bridge, the shard and sky garden. The crown's jewels are amazing and the history behind of the white tower is amazing.
    Wai Ying
    Published 225 days ago
    It is well worth seeing, klook is about 30% off than buying on the spot. You need to reserve enough energy to attack the Golden Dome, said that it is more than 500 stairs, but because it is very narrow and urgency, it is recommended not to come after shopping) but overlooking the panoramic view of London is worth it.
    Review for: London Explorer Pass
    SZE IN
    Published 224 days ago
    I liked the pass because you don't have to use them all in consecutive days, you can use them within months, which is suitable for people to make flexible plans. However most attractions in the deal turned out just not as interesting as it looked. I strongly recommend you chose a package of 3 passes, do not choose 5 / 7. Otherwise you will be tired just to finish using all the passes. The london eye and westminster is a must-go!

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