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    Reviews (44,385) 4.9
    • Raju 23 Sep 2019

      Easy to book the tickets. We mistakenly booked tickets to the wrong station instead of Shanghai Station. The customer service tried their best to give us the option but it wasn't the one we were after. They took time to get back to us.

    • Dwayne 30 Sep 2019
      Highly recommended

      Very efficient and useful way of booking train tickets.

    • CHIA LEE 20 Sep 2019
      Highly recommended

      Good and helpful international travellers app. Try many others China app but do not receive international payment.

    • chee kin 28 Sep 2019

      The first class seat is old.There are many inconsiderate passengers who talk loudly and turn on their PEDs which make the cabin so noisy..It’s a poor experience in general.The train is on time though.

      Reply from Klook

      Thank you for choosing Klook and for taking the time to leave us a review. We're sorry to hear that you had an unsatisfactory experience with the services provided. We will coordinate with the operator to provide this feedback for us to improve the services that we provide to customers. We appreciate your understanding. Thank you!

    • Jiali 28 Sep 2019
      Highly recommended

      Was a bit worried before since Klook just started to sell China rail recently but everything was perfect!!! Smooth and clear booking procedures and super easy redemption process!! Even got a window seat automatically!!

    • Pui Sai 18 Sep 2019
      Highly recommended

      Great! So easy to manage! Efficient! Definitely will come back more often!

    • ANN NIE 28 Sep 2019
      Highly recommended

      Easy and quick redemption. Wonderful experience. Recommended.

    • Arjun Dinakar 26 Sep 2019

      comfortable. just show the voucher number at the ticket counter to redeem tickets.

    • MENG 29 Sep 2019
      Highly recommended

      Very good and convenient!

    • Constance 28 Sep 2019
      Highly recommended

      Nice & scenenic journey. Comfortable pre trip lounge to relax before boarding train. Good service onboard the train

    • Yi Heng 28 Sep 2019
      Highly recommended

      It was mostly hassle free though you had to still queue up at the train station to redeem the Klook voucher for a physical ticket

    • DI 24 Sep 2019
      Highly recommended

      It was easy to search and purchase the tickets. Redemption for physical ticket was seamless as well. The train was indeed fast. Took 47 mins from GZ to HK. Nice!

    • Ka Yan 15 Sep 2019
      Highly recommended

      Super convenient and easy for redeem ticket. Foreigners must go to ticket counter to redeem. Self redeem at machine is not available. Very recommend buy from Klook, much easier!

    • di 24 Sep 2019
      Highly recommended

      nice booking experience, very convenient online??. will use KLOOK booking train tickets again ~

    • Judith 26 Sep 2019
      Highly recommended

      This was the most memorable Klook Voucher i never regret buying! Considering the stiff prices of train tickets in China and the difficulty of changing Phil.Peso unless in the airport these Train tickets sold via Klook is the most useful and guarantees you a RESERVED SEAT of the busy long distance train. Just be very careful with entering the passport details of the passenger otherwise the computerized Train Ticket Counter will not be able to read it if theres even a slight mistake in the entries. I encoded 1 missing passport number due to extreme tiredness and honest excusable oversight.. its just good the lady at the counter reconsidered it...made me talk to the train staff ( with a chinese translator) and thankfully my companion was allowed to board the train with a simple Post It note attached to her passport despite NO TICKET BEING ISSUED. I just showed her my VOUCHER ISSUED BY KLOOK that IT WAS PAID!??????