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    Digital Solutions

    6 Jan 2021

    Designed to bridge the gaps faced by operators today, our merchant digital solutions will enable any operator to easily build their online storefront along with a backend engine that manages ticketing, distribution, inventory management, and more.

    Ticketing Solution

    Enabling tracking and direct management of product availability across channels

    Facilitating operators in product content management on their online storefront

    Generation of vouchers with standardised QR code for easy redemption and even direct entry

    Payment Processing

    PCI-compliant payment processing platform with fraud detection technology to protect transactions

    Support for payments in a wide range of currencies from travellers around the world

    Receiving payments online from travellers via 3rd party payment processors

    Channel Manager (coming soon!)

    Control over product price and availability across different channels directly

    Synchronised product content across different sales channels and platforms

    Providing operators with booking confirmation status to redemption records

    Multiple Sales Channel

    Capturing revenue from travellers who plan and book ahead or want to avoid the queue

    Accommodating more traditional markets where walk-in travellers are still prevalent

    Allowing operators to increase market reach through B2B distribution globally

    White Label Booking Engine

    Integrating online storefront with social media page to convert traffic into bookings

    Improving every step of online booking experience to maximise sales performance

    Providing an online booking page that is readily accessible across different platforms

    Access Control Hardware (coming soon!)

    Enabling entrance and crowd control with QR code enabled turnstiles and barriers

    Flexible and movable solution to cater for operators having different access control needs

    Simple validation process by scanning QR code via our Merchant App on mobile devices

    Sales Hardware (coming soon!)

    Reducing customer queue time and staff intervention with self-service vending machines

    Handheld and desktop devices with built-in payment terminal for offline payments and ticketing

    User friendly kiosks with clear instructions for ticket purchase and redemption with a few taps

    B2B Distribution

    Enabling ticket sales to 3000+ resellers and travel agents globally through our Agent Marketplace

    Control over distribution of exclusive products to specific channels

    Enabling OTAs and e-commerce platforms to sell real-time inventories via API

    Data Discovery

    Downloadable reports to help operators keep track of bookings and sales performance

    Summarising best-selling products along with bookings that require further actions from operators

    Fulfilling analytics needs by providing operators with detailed financial and customer data

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