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    Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill Entrance Ticket in Rome

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    • Discover the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill - the most important sites of Ancient Rome
    • Pretend you're a gladiator for a day by going to the ancient world's largest amphitheater known as the Colosseum
    • Learn about Rome’s ancient history and culture by wandering through its world renowned and breathtaking monuments up close and at your own pace
    • Take advantage from several admission tickets now available on Klook (skip-the-line, audio guide, escorted entry, special access to the Arena Floor)
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    Colosseum Escorted Entry ticket

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    I would like to deliver my very deepest gratitude to klook. Due to the outbreak of the covide 19, I and my family had to cancel our journey. Thanks to the help of very professional klook staff, we could cancel our booking of this ticket even though this ticket is not redundable. I truly understand that klook is suffering difficulties and hard time due to this unexpected situations. However, thanks to their help, we could reimburse our cancelled tick price without any problem. We are very sorry for missing an opportunity to visit this amazing historical places. However, we are very sure that we will book our tickets for our next trip via klook as we did. Once again, thank you klook.

    23 Apr 2020
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    What to expect

    Marvel at the wonders of ancient Rome with tickets to the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill! Escape the agonizing queues of tourists at the ticket office and skip the lines to enter Rome’s most iconic landmark, the Colosseum! Explore one of the most magnificent structures of ancient times where thousands of epic battles have taken place for fame, sport, and glory. See the Colosseum Underground, chambers embedded with rich history in every wall before making a stop at the Roman Forum. This rectangular plaza was where the marketplace was located, considered to be the center of ancient society, and the very site of many important Roman government buildings. After visiting the Roman Forum, Palatine is an ideal location 40 meters above the plaza for a breathtaking view of the ancient ruins. With fast track admission, experience climbing up the hill where Rome was founded and explore the ruins of Rome’s original inhabitants. Enjoy Colosseum tickets with skip the line access to make the most of your trip to Rome!

    Experience the magnificence of the Colosseum with ease using your skip-the-line ticket!
    roman forum
    Visit the ruins of the once important government buildings of ancient Rome
    Uncover the rich Roman history embedded in the walls of the Colosseum
    roman forum
    Stroll across the Roman Forum and see imposing landmarks like the Arco di Settimio Severo and the Curia
    Things To Note

    Insider Tips:

    • Book a special access through the Gladiator's Gate to the arena floor that has a long history of battles
    • Book a hosted entry by the professional staff on site to Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, and then explore the Colosseum on your own
    • Take control of your own itinerary by booking a digital self-guided tour of Rome’s top attractions in the language of your choice

    Activity Q&A

    Q: Where is the Colosseum?

    A: Rome's Colosseum is on the east bank of the Tiber river and is located on the east of the Roman Forum in Piazza del Colosseo

    Q: When was the Colosseum in Rome built?

    A: Construction of Rome's Colosseum began in 72 CE and was officially opened in 80 CE with a ceremony of games and shows. In 82 CE, an uppermost story was added to the structure

    Q: Who built the Colosseum?

    A: It was built under the Flavian emperors starting from Emperor Vespasian as a gift to the people and to restore ancient Rome to its former glory

    Q: Can you go inside the Colosseum?

    A: Standard Colosseum tickets give you access to some parts, but you will need to go on special or guided tours or a special tour of the Colosseum to access the arena and the Colosseum underground

    Q: What is Roman Forum?

    A: The forum used to be the heart of ancient Rome and was where many of the city' s most important gatherings were held, such as elections, public speeches, criminal trials, religious ceremonies, and more

    Q: Why is my booking still being processed? When will I get the voucher?

    A: Booking confirmation time depends on the selected package (Instant and 24 hours available). Once the booking has been processed, the voucher will automatically be sent to your email. Please feel free to contact us if there are any questions about your booking

    Q: Why is the entrance time on the voucher different from the time I selected? Can I amend the booking or get a refund?

    A: Your chosen timeslot upon checkout may not be guaranteed. If your preferred time slot is unavailable, you will be assigned to the next available entry time within the next 2 hours from your initial selection. Please refer to your voucher for the specific and final entry time to the attraction. Due to different types of packages, kindly check the cancellation policy in the column of package details.

    Q: Does the package include a tour guide or an audio-guide device? If it's an audio-guide device, where can I pick it up?

    A: The package is not inclusive of a tour guide. Audio-guide devices can be picked up after the turnstile on the right upon presenting the ticket at desk 12 or 13.

    Q: The voucher shows that it is valid for 2 days, could I visit there the next date at any time slot?

    A: The customer needs to come at the date and time shown on the voucher for the Colosseum.

    For the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum, customers can go the next day whenever they want. Customers do not need to choose between Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, both are included.

    Q: Where can I collect my ticket at Colosseum?

    A: For package 'Colosseum Escorted Entry ticket', you need to redeem the voucher at the Touristation Colosseo Office. (Address: Piazza d’Ara Coeli, 16, Rome) Please refer to the selected package detail.

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