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    JR Pass for Whole Japan (7, 14, or 21 Days)

    4.8 ( 14,004 reviews ) 200K+ Booked
    • Important: Due to the current outbreak situation of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), the Klook office in Hong Kong will be suspending rail pass pick up service until further notice
    • Start planning your trip to Japan 6 months before departure and skip the hassle of booking upon your arrival!
    • Easily explore the country's entirety with your Japan Rail Pass for up to 21 days
    • Enjoy unlimited travel across JR lines including local buses, Miyajima Ferry, and more!
    • MCO pickup can be done at some of our offices or airports, or you may choose delivery if it's convenient for you
    • Discover the incredible country in a cost-effective way with your JR Pass

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    Highly recommended
    Review for: 7 Days · Ordinary Car · Delivery - Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, India

    great services. cheap and reliable. easy to book. great

    28 Jul 2021
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    What to Expect from JR Pass for Whole Japan

    There is no easier and more convenient way to discover the Land of the Rising Sun than by taking a ride on Japan's brilliantly expansive rail network. For your choice of 7, 14, or 21 days, explore Japan in the most convenient and economical way with a Japan rail pass that is valid for the majority of railways and local buses operated by JR. Choose between an Ordinary pass, or if you're looking to travel in more comfort, opt for the Green Class pass that offers you first class comfort with reclining seats, a footrest, space to stretch out your legs, and a travel magazine to keep you occupied during your journeys. From Shinkansen, Limited Express, local trains, Monorail, JR buses, to the Miyajima Ferry, this Japan rail pass is definitely the easiest and fastest way to explore all of Japan! Get your 7, 14 or 21 day Japan rail pass at Klook and enjoy convenient delivery straight to you!

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    How to Book
    How to Redeem

    Things To Note


    • You will receive confirmation of your booking instantly via email. In the event that you do not receive an email from us, please check your Spam folder or notify us via email
    • Confirmation email and Klook voucher cannot be used to redeem the actual JR Pass in Japan. Only the Exchange Order can be used for redemption

    Booking Guidelines

    • You must book your JR Pass before traveling to or entering Japan
    • The date selected is not the date of activation. Book at least 3-5 business days before you intend to receive your parcel
    • You will receive one Exchange Order per person, which will be required to redeem your physical JR pass
    • The name, country of residence, and passport numbers entered when booking must be an exact match to the passports used when boarding

    Pass Eligibility

    • Valid only for non-Japanese passport holders with a "Temporary Visitor" Visa stamp on the passport. Non-Japanese passport holders with a permanent residence in Japan cannot use this product
    • Secure a Temporary Visitor Stamp at immigration to be eligible for a JR Pass. Do not pass through the automated gates, as no stamp will be applied
    • Japanese passport holders who have been residing outside of Japan for 10+ years are eligible to use a JR pass if they have 1) a valid Japanese passport and 2) a Copy of Overseas Residential Registration/Certificate of Overseas Residence from the Japanese embassy or legation of Japan in your foreign country of residence
    • Visit the official website for more information about JR Pass eligibility

    Additional Information

    • View this nationwide JR Route Map to see transport services and routes covered by this pass
    • View this Shinkansen Route Map to see which bullet trains are covered by this pass
    • Children under 12 months old can travel free of charge
    • Up to two children (aged 1-5) may travel free of charge when accompanied by an adult rail pass holder given that they do not occupy a seat. A separate child rail pass is required from the third child onwards

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    Activity Q&A

    Q: What's the difference between the voucher, exchange order, and JR Pass?

    A: The redemption process for the JR pass is complicated. Please see the definition of the following terms:

    • Klook Voucher: You receive this voucher after completing your booking on the Klook website or app. You only need this to redeem a JR Pass Exchange Order (sometimes also referred to as a voucher or MCO on other websites) at one of our Klook pick up points. If you have chosen a mail option, this will not apply to you. (Please note that this Klook voucher CANNOT be used in Japan to redeem the actual JR Pass) (See an example of a Klook voucher)
    • JR Pass Exchange Order (Physical Document or MCO): You will receive this at one of the Klook pick up points or by mail, depending on your checkout options. You MUST have this exchange order before leaving for Japan to exchange for the actual JR pass once you arrive (See an example of a JR Pass Exchange Order (MCO))
    • JR Pass: This is the actual pass you will use on the transportation systems in Japan. You MUST exchange for this pass in Japan with the physical Exchange Order described above. You will need both the exchange order and the original passport associated with the order to redeem for the actual JR Pass. The pass can be redeemed at the JR Pass Ticket Offices located in airports and local stations
    Q: What dates should I put in the calendar when booking?

    A: The date you select when booking is the date of your departure to Japan. If you intend to pick up your Exchange Order at the pick up counters, please take note the counter opening hours. For Exchange Order deliveries, mailing will take 7 business days (holidays are not counted)

    Q: Some of the details I submitted at booking are incorrect, can I make a correction?

    A: Please contact us via Ask Klook with your booking number and the corrections that need to be made as soon as possible. We will cancel the old one and ask you to make a new order. A handling fee of 10% of the pass price will apply, and the remaining balance will be fully refunded. Please read through the official cancellation policy on the JR Pass page for more information

    Q: I made an error selecting my mailing location or pick up location, can I correct this?

    A: Please contact us via Ask Klook with your booking number and the corrections that need to be made as soon as possible.

    • If the Exchange Order has already been mailed, handling and postage fees will apply when making corrections to mailed Exchange Orders (MCO). You will be charged an additional 10% change fee will be charged
    • If the Exchange Order has not been mailed, there will be no additional charge
    Q: I would like to change from X JR Pass to Y JR Pass, how can I do this?

    A: Unfortunately, you can not change from X JR Pass to Y JR Pass. Please make sure you select the correct JR Pass before checking out

    Q: I haven’t received my confirmation yet! Help!


    • Depart to Japan within 3 months from booking date: Confirmations may sometimes require up to 24 hours to process due to security verification. If your booking has not been confirmed after 24 hours, please contact us via Ask Klook
    • Depart to Japan more than 3 months from booking date: Your exchange voucher will be confirmed and issued 3 months before your departure date
    Q: Is my pass still valid on X+1 date if I have a consecutive day pass that ends on X date?

    A: Your pass is only valid for the number of CALENDAR dates that the pass is issued for, it is NOT counted in 24 hour periods from the time of first use. For example, if you use the pass on the first day in the evening at 11:59pm, your first day will end at midnight that day

    Q: What is the valid period of exchange orders?

    A: Exchange Orders are valid only for 90 days from the issued date, and you need to redeem to physical pass within the validity. (the valid date will be shown on the Exchange Order) After redeem, activation date must be within 30 days.

    For example, if the booking confirm on 1 Apr, 2020, you may redeem your physical pass within 90 days from 1 Apr, 2020. If I redeem the pass on 3 May, 2020, then I will need to activate the pass before 31 May, 2020.

    Q: I would like to book a pass for XXX date, but this day does not show up on your calendar. What should I do?

    A: Dates that are grayed out are not yet available for purchase. You may visit the website again and try booking at a later date

    Q: When I redeem the JR pass, can I choose another date as the first use date instead of the day I redeem for my JR pass?

    A: After you receive the Exchange Order (MCO), you have 90 days from the 'date and place of issue' listed on the voucher to pick up your JR Pass. After picking up the actual JR Pass, you can choose a later date within 30 days to start using the JR Pass. Please ask the staff at the JR Rail office to help you set the first use date on the pass