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    JR East Nagano-Niigata Area Pass (5 Days)

    4.9 ( 4,069 reviews ) 50K+ Booked
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    • Explore Japan’s scenic countrysides of Nagano and Niigata through this flexible 5-Day JR East Pass!
    • Get to access unlimited transport on local, limited express, and express trains including the iconic Shinkansen
    • Make the most out of your JR East Pass Nagano Niigata for any five days within a 14-day period policy
    • Enjoy convenient booking and have instantly confirmed tickets available for Japan pick-up
    • The pass is valid for selected Shinkansen, Narita Express, and Tokyo Monorail trains
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    JR East Pass (Nagano Niigata Area)

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    Review for: 東日本鐵路周遊券(長野、新潟地區)

    very easy to purchase online and redeem on arrival with affordable price and good value package for all visitor really recommended for people wanna travel in east japan area and attractions

    20 Sep 2020
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    What To Expect

    Start with a trip from Narita Airport or Haneda Airport where you can redeem your printed voucher for your JR East Nagano Niigata Area Pass! Travel to Tokyo, hop aboard the Shinkansen (Japan's high speed bullet train), or a limited express to discover the picturesque wonders of Nagano or Niigata. In addition to the JR East lines, your pass allows you to take advantage of some non-JR trains in Izu and Nikko areas. There is simply no better or more economic way to cover Japan than by riding on the country's incredibly modern and expansive rail network. Book your JR East Nagano Niigata Pass now, and see what Japan has to offer!

    Gala Yuzawa
    Gala Yuzawa Ski Resort in Yuzawa Town
    Sado Island
    Visit the city of Niigata with the JR East Nagano Niigata Pass, the gateway to Sado Island!
    Shinkyo Bridge
    Cross the Shinkyo Bridge during autumn in Nikko, Tochigi, Japan
    Things To Note


    • You will receive confirmation of your booking's availability within 1 business day(s). Once confirmed, we will send you the voucher via email. In the event that you do not receive an email from us, please check your Spam folder or notify us via email

    Pass Eligibility

    • Valid only for non-Japanese passport holders with a "Temporary Visitor" Visa stamp on the passport. Non-Japanese passport holders with a permanent residence in Japan cannot use this product
    • Secure a Temporary Visitor Stamp at immigration to be eligible for a JR Pass. Do not pass through the automated gates, as no stamp will be applied
    • Japanese passport holders who have been residing outside of Japan for 10+ years are eligible to use a JR pass if they have 1) a valid Japanese passport and 2) a Copy of Overseas Residential Registration/Certificate of Overseas Residence from the Japanese embassy or legation of Japan in your foreign country of residence
    • Children aged 0-5 can travel free of charge
    • Children can travel for free, except for the following cases:
    • (1) When three or more children accompany one adult or child (tickets are required for the third and any additional children)
    • (2) When a child occupies his or her own reserved seat, Green Car seat or berth, etc.
    • (3) When a child travels alone
    • Please always bring your passport with you when traveling on the train. If needed, you might have to present your passport to the train crew
    • If you take trains outside of the valid area, you might have to pay the extra fares
    • While traveling in Japan, each visitor may have one JR EAST PASS (Nagano, Niigata area) at a time. A new pass may not be purchased if another one is still in use
    • Visit the official website for more information about JR

    Insider Tips:


    Activity Q&A

    Q: Does JR East have free WiFi?

    A: There is free WiFi available at the service center and several stations and trains

    Q: Does the JR East Pass need a reservation?

    A: Reservation is not required to board the trains, but it is available for those who want reserved seats and to be seated together with their travel group

    Q: Can JR Pass be used for Narita Express?

    A: Yes, the JR East Pass can be used for Narita Express

    Q: Can I use the JR East Pass in Tokyo?

    A: The pass can be used for the Tokyo Monorail, but does not include subways and private train lines within Tokyo

    Making a Booking

    Q: I’m confused…what’s the difference between the voucher and the JR Pass?


    • Voucher: You receive this voucher after completing your booking on the Klook website or app. You can present either a printed voucher or e-voucher at the JR Pass Ticket Offices to redeem for your actual JR Pass
    • JR Pass: This is the actual pass you will use on the transportation systems in Japan. You will need both the Exchange voucher and the original passport associated with the order to redeem the actual JR Pass at the JR Pass Ticket Offices
    Q: I’m confused...what dates should I put in the calendar when booking?

    A: The date you select when booking is the date you intend to exchange your voucher for your JR Pass. The date selected is just for reference. You can redeem for your JR Pass on any date within the validity period

    Changes to your Booking

    Q: I would like to change from X JR Pass to Y JR Pass, how can I do this?

    A: Unfortunately, you can not change from X JR Pass to Y JR Pass. Please make sure you select the correct JR Pass before checking out


    Q: I haven’t received my confirmation yet! Help!


    • Depart to Japan 3 months from booking date: Confirmations may sometimes require up to 24 hours to process due to security verification. If your booking has not been confirmed after 24 hours, please contact us via Ask Klook
    • Depart to Japan more than 3 months from booking date: Your exchange voucher will be confirmed and issued 3 months before your departure date

    Scheduling Issues

    Q: I would like to book a pass for XXX date, but this day does not show up on your calendar. What should I do?

    A: Dates that are grayed out are not yet available for purchase

    Redemption/Delivery/Pick Up

    Q: How do I pick up my JR pass?

    A: Please note that JR Rail has many separate entities such as JR East, JR Central, JR Hokkaido, etc. Depending on the pass you buy, you will have to go to that specific company’s office to redeem your pass. The JR Rail Pass is only issued domestically in Japan. When you order on Klook, you will have the exchange order (MCO) sent to your account before arriving in Japan. Once you have arrived in Japan, you will exchange the exchange order (MCO) for the actual rail pass at an official JR Rail Office (located at most major airports and rail stations in Japan)

    Q: I was unable to pick up my JR pass on the date I selected, can I cancel my order?

    A: Your voucher is valid for 90 days starting from date of issue. You can redeem your JR Pass within the 90 days window. Please make sure you activate your pass within 30 days after redemption

    US$ 164.00
    Available from 25 Oct 2020
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