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    Stonehenge Ticket in Salisbury

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    • See stunning stones that have stood for 5,000 years and learn about the mystery that surrounds them
    • Get to visit this astonishing and mysterious circular structure that is aligned with the solstice
    • Don't miss this spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site when you find yourself in the United Kingdom
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    Stonehenge Ticket

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    29 Oct 2020
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    What To Expect

    The great and ancient stone circle of Stonehenge is one of the wonders of the world. What visitors see today are the substantial remnants of the last in a sequence of such monuments erected between circa 3000BC and 1600BC. Each monument was a circular structure, aligned with the rising of the sun at the midsummer solstice. There has always been intense debate over quite what purpose Stonehenge served. But what cannot be denied is the ingenuity of the builders of Stonehenge. With only very basic tools at their disposal, they shaped the stones and formed the mortises and tenons that linked uprights to lintels. Using antlers and bones, they dug the pits to hold the stones and made the banks and ditches that enclosed them Mystery surrounds this 5,000 year old monument in the center of the World Heritage Site. Visit this prehistoric site and decide for yourself whether Stonehenge was a place of sun worship, a healing sanctuary, a sacred burial site, or something different altogether! These discounted tickets give you direct access to the Stonehenge itself.

    Only a sophisticated society could have mustered so large a workforce and the design and construction skills necessary to produce Stonehenge
    stonehenge entry
    The Stonehenge is fantastic to see during the sunset, when the light hits the monuments every so beautifully
    stonehenge admission ticket
    Stonehenge's orientation in relation to the rising and setting sun has always been one of its most remarkable features
    Things To Note

    Coronavirus: Health & Safety Measures

    • Due to social distancing measures, the shuttle bus from the visitor centre to the stones, will be prioritised for those who need it. All visitors using the bus will be required to wear a face covering. All other visitors we need to take the 2.6 mile return journey by foot

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