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    Top things to do in Seoul

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    What travelers think of Seoul

    Maria Teresa
    Published 349 days ago
    Wonderful experience to have a glimpsed of the Korean Folk Village and imagine how the life and Korean culture have evolved and developed. The experience was highlighted when we proceed to Everland. You will see the big development of the Korean life and culture. Wonderful rides, beautiful sceneries, specially the place decorated with Christmas trees and ornaments in gold. It was so glam!
    Boon Thiam William
    Published 309 days ago
    1 of the must to go places when you are in Seoul. A very enjoyable trip for the adults and kids. The prices at Klook is also very competitive and cheaper than buying from Everland. The kids enjoy the kids over there. There's also quite a lot of choices of food over there too. Compared to Disneyland, the prices for the food are a lot cheaper too.
    Published 264 days ago
    A ticket card that is well worth buying. In addition to many attractions and services free of charge, you can also use it as a transportation card (with functions like a leisure card, it is very convenient to go to a supermarket to buy things without having to change money). Because I stayed in Seoul for a week this time, I chose to buy a 72-hour and 48-hour transit card. I chose to pick it up at the first terminal of Taoji. The pick-up place is the "fly buyer" in front of the exit checkpoint. Don't forget to clear it after picking up. I downloaded the transfer card app before I set off, and after getting the transfer card, I can directly scan the QR code to log in, which is very convenient. The function of the App design is very good, you can search for attractions or services that can be used for free with this card, and save them for easy viewing. When using the Airport Express train ticket, time does not start to count, it will not officially start until the attractions are reached. You can see the countdown of time through the App, so you do n’t have to worry about remembering the time you use; the App also has a record of what attractions have been used. One 72-hour and 48-hour transit card (seven days and six nights), I used this card (day one) to take the airport-Seoul one-way express ticket to join the Seoul Tourism Relief Service to join the Korean tourist insurance for foreign tourists ( Guaranteed while in Korea) (Day 2) Seoul Zoo + COEX Aquarium (Day 3) Lotte World + 63 Building (Observatory / Art Museum / Aquarium) + Hangang River Cruise (Day 4) Take the Seoul Tourist Bus + ( Originally I wanted to go to the lala sea sweat steaming screen. Unfortunately, Wuhan pneumonia cannot be open to foreign guests because of special periods) (Day 5) Samsung Museum of Art (Day 6) Take the Seoul sightseeing bus + Hanbok (free Hanbok and distribution, 1.5 hours) + Namsan Seoul Tower
    Published 81 days ago
    It was so easy to buy and to use. Also, Klook offered the best discounted price. Everland is a must go if you are traveling to Seoul. I had an amazing time, all the rides are wonderful and some of them have special events where you get to ride the attractions twice in a row without having to wait in line twice! A fantastic experience for sure!!

    Popular activities in Seoul

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