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    Paris Tours & Sightseeing 2020

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    What Travellers Think of Paris

    Review for: Paris Museum Pass
    Published 116 days ago
    collected this but didn't managed to use it as we had to fly back due to the coronavirus :( @customer service, can we still get a refund? the PMP is still super worthwhile for anyone's first trip to Paris though! list out the museums you want to visit and their prices, consider how many days you'd need to cover the attractions and compare with the PMP price. you should be able to save a lot with the PMP!
    Published 280 days ago
    The window design of the Church of St. Petersburg is very experienced. It is a colorful glass painting on the whole surface. It is very spectacular. I have been to so many European churches, which is very impressive to me. There are not so many tourists in the ancient prison in Paris. The design and lighting inside are very beautiful and comfortable. I don’t know if I used to be a prison.
    Published 187 days ago
    The Seine River in Paris is very beautiful at night, but before that, I ran to the other side of the pier because of no detailed address and wasted a lot of time. I don't think it's intimate to have no address! It is recommended that the place where the boat is taken should have a picture of the scanned place and the address in more detail, such as what number of the road would be better!
    Published 281 days ago
    I have a great time in these 2 Chateau, there are plenty of time to walk through whole palace and garden. However, Fontainebleau was undergoing some construction today, so there are some rooms that we can’t enter. It took about an hour from Paris to Vaux-le-vicomte, and 30mins between these 2 Chateaux. The place is very beautiful but rather different from Versailles.
    Published 296 days ago
    Nine copies of Paris. There are many people coming from European countries on weekends. If time is allowed, schedule the time of week. The tour guides and drivers are very polite, the vehicles are comfortable, and the itinerary is appropriate. If you want to visit and don't want to drive by yourself, you can participate in this tour.
    Hui Yen Karen
    Published 194 days ago
    Enjoyed the guided tour. Good insights to YSL career and his journey of his designs. The entrance was not easy to locate though. Had to walk around and missed a few minutes of the tour. But the guide was nice and repeated his starting after we ended the tour so we did not need the others to hear the same again.

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