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    Phillip Island Nature Parks Penguin Parade Viewing Ticket and Attraction Pass

    4.7 (1,092 reviews)

    20K+ Booked
    • Watch the famous penguin parade during sunset, upgrade for an even better view
    • See koalas up close in their natural habitat on the treetops walk
    • Step back in time at the historic Churchill Heritage Farm and learn about different farming activities
    • Take a fun and interactive virtual journey into the wonderful world of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica
    • See up to 8,000 fur seals at Seal Rocks while enjoying the fun and adventure of a high speed boat ride

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    What to Expect from Phillip Island Nature Park Ticket

    With the 3, 4, or 5 Park Pass Combo you'll be able to see a variety of different Australian wildlife and experience the farming culture of Phillip Island all in one go. Fully immerse yourself in nature at the koala treetops walk, where you'll be able to spot several of them munching on eucalyptus leaves or snoozing away. You can also experience one of the many trails inside the Koala Conservation Centre and keep an eye out for the vast bird life. Make a stop at the Churchill Heritage Farm and go back in time to when the first settlers used this farm land for agriculture. Try the Nobbies Antarctic Journey and Adventure EcoBoat Tour, too! As the sun begins to set head over to the Penguin Parade for the highlight of Phillip Island. Whether you just have a day to explore all three activities or more time later on to experience them, the pass is valid for 6 months so you can decide when you want to see these attractions!

    penguin parade
    Experience the amazing Penguin Parade from a choice of views
    Phillip Island
    March out onto the beach and witness pristine shores and lush-green landscapes
    Pillip island Wildlife
    Gear up for a unique Australian wildlife experience up-close!
    Koala Conservation Centre
    Have an encounter with the koalas at the Koala Conservation Centre - a slice of the island's appeal and charm
    Koala Conservation Centre
    Catch a glimpse into the lives of early Australian settlers as you explore the centre

    Phillip Island Nature Park Reviews

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    Phillip Island Nature Park Reviews

    4.7 1,092 reviews
    • JIA HUI 24 Mar 2020
      Highly Recommended
      Review for: Regular · 3 Park(s) Pass · Penguin Plus

      We purchased the 3 attractions pass - koala reserve / Churchill Farm / Penguin Parade. It’s really worth it, especially the Penguin Parade! Couldn’t take any photos to protect these cute creatures but seeing them in person is already great! Highly recommended!

    • Hock Keat 13 Mar 2020
      Highly Recommended

      I could watch the penguins come in every night. What a beautiful experience this was to watch, and the rangers where very informative. We sat on the deck which was ultimate viewing, highly recommend sitting here. Rug and take a small blanket to wrap around yourself as it gets very cold. But still a good experience! Highly recommended.

    • Siew Wen 13 Mar 2020
      Highly Recommended

      We did the ultimate adventure tour. We enjoyed the experience of using our night goggles to watch the little penguins come in from the sea. I'm unsure whether or not it's worth paying extra for. We saw some penguins on our walk back from the beach and got a lot more from it because it was slightly lit and we could get closer.

    • Daniel 13 Mar 2020
      Highly Recommended

      This experience leaves you feeling like a child again. The excitement in the air as dusk comes and you see the Penguins make the trip from the water to their family nest. We watched 1. 500 coming out of the ocean make their way home at sunset ! Amazing. Fantastic views. Get there early to get a decent seat

    • Melissa 13 Mar 2020
      Highly Recommended

      It happened to be a fairly high tide so we couldn't see much of the penguins as they left the water to cross the beach. I also felt that the lighting was less effective (but this may be intentional). However we did enjoy following the penguins up through the sand hills and also spent some time, and money, in the gift shops. It is also very annoying that, no matter how often people are asked not to take photos, they continue to do so.

    • Lik Siang 13 Mar 2020
      Highly Recommended

      he nature center has built a lovely new building which houses two gift shops and 2 eating facilities as well as elaborate bleachers on the beach to sit while viewing. But this is what you really experience. They know what time the penguins are due in and they herd you to the bleachers. You are then told that photography and videoing are prohibited because the bright lights will scare the penguins.

    • Cedric 13 Mar 2020
      Highly Recommended

      I understand why you cannot take pictures but I am very disappointed as we were told on the evening that we could download an app where we could see and share photos, unfortunately this app is not working on iPhone !! When you take a 4 year old it is nice to be able to look back at pictures and talk about the experience but this is not possible. I have emailed the Penguin parade about this matter but no reply. I hope it is fixed soon!

    • Zin Hen 13 Mar 2020
      Highly Recommended

      It was lovely to see so many penguins come out from the sea and to follow them up the boardwalk to their burrows, most of which are man made. Big visitor centre with cafe, toilets and shops. Area with information about the penguins. It was great to see the island from the water it looks quite different than seeing it by land. It was really nice to see all the seals playing especially the young ones. Definitely worth doing.

    • Bing Hao 13 Mar 2020
      Highly Recommended

      This is a great place for adults and kids alike. Get your tickets early as I understand they sometimes sell out. Watching penguins come out of the ocean after foraging is awesome. The penguins are small and entertaining. The facilities are nice with limited food options. This is a busy place so get there early and be aware the first action with penguins is on the beach but the best viewing will be had just after dark along the boardwalk as all the little ones come out of the burrows.

    • Venetia 9 Mar 2020
      Highly Recommended

      Sadly I wasn’t able to reach in time for all other 3 parks except penguin parade. However, counter lady was really kind to inform that the tickets for the remaining parks are actually open dated till Aug. it’s good FYI for those who missed the parks like we did. The penguin parade was really cute as we managed to see the penguins appearing on shore. Tip would be to stay for a while at the benches near the shore, if you don’t see lots of penguin after a while, just simply walk along the boardwalk. It’s where most penguins end yp, some even waddling side by side as you walk.

    • XIN HONG 7 Dec 2019
      Highly Recommended
      Review for: Regular · 3 Park(s) Pass · Penguin Plus

      The penguins are so small and adorable. Penguin parade ticket is so worth as we can close to the penguins. We can see them coming back to home from the sea. Like 200 to 300 of penguins together in one time.

    • Pei Hua 7 Dec 2019
      Highly Recommended
      Review for: Regular · 3 Park(s) Pass · Penguin Plus

      The penguins are so adorable. The most tiny penguins in the world is located in Philip islands.you can see many gangs of penguins going home from the sea when the sunset. Worth to see these penguins in the winter. The photo is from website as we cannot take photo. The flashing will hurt the penguins’ eye and causing them blind. So please protect them while watching.

    • Nursyahida 7 Dec 2019
      Highly Recommended
      Review for: Regular · 3 Park(s) Pass · Penguin Plus

      I'm taking 3 Park passes, the entrance of every park is at different place where you need to move by car about 5 minutes drive. I spend half a day for 3 Park and my kids enjoying Churchill Farm, Penguin Parade we choosing Plus Penguin and you can see more nearer and penguin walking back home but arriving time is quite late around 8. 55pm kids all tired and we just wait for the first group and leave the places because the place windy and cold. Overall I can say it is nice experience and our journey from Melbourne City take 1 hour and 30 minutes to reached.

    • Luke 11 Dec 2019
      Highly Recommended
      Review for: Regular · 3 Park(s) Pass · Penguin General Viewing

      it's the best package with the best value. you just have to go to any of the park and be able to redeemed all the tickets together. it's so convenient.

    • Sing Han 8 Dec 2019
      Highly Recommended
      Review for: Regular · 3 Park(s) Pass · Penguin Underground Viewing

      Amazing experiences for Koala tour, Churchill tour, and underground penguins viewing. Kids are enjoyed the tours. Is an easy and convenient way to purchase the tickets via Klook. Thanks Klook.

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