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    [Benelux Rail Pass Guide] 1 Week In Netherlands, Belgium & Luxembourg

    22 May 2018

    Noelle Ong

    Klook Travel Curator

    Explore Benelux by train

    The Benelux is an economic union in Western Europe made up of the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium. The Benelux is one of the best places in Europe to explore by train and the Benelux rail pass will help you to do just that. These cities are packed with beautiful architecture, charming streets and delicious food and 1 week in the Benelux is just right for that.

    Read on to find out how to spend 7 days in the region.

    What is the Benelux Rail Pass

    The Benelux Rail Pass will grant you access to unlimited rides on the trains covered under the Eurail network. This means you can easily access cities like Brussels, Amsterdam and Ghent all with just 1 pass as long as they fall under this Eurail network. Say goodbye to buying single trip ticket and fumbling for the correct ticket when you need to board a train.

    Apart from the train rides, you’ll also get added benefits in the form of discounts when you buy city cards and other transportation cards.

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    Buying your Benelux Rail Pass

    The following Benelux Passes are available on Klook:

    • 3 days in 1 month (First class)
    • 4 days in 1 month (First class)
    • 5 days in 1 month (First class)
    • 8 days in 1 month (First class)
    • 3 days in 1 month (Second class)
    • 4 days in 1 month (Second class)
    • 5 days in 1 month (Second class)
    • 8 days in 1 month (Second class)

    Currently, the Klook Eurail passes are only available to people living in Mainland China, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau or Vietnam. Upon placing your order, your Eurail pass will be mailed to your residential address within 7 business days.

    How to use your Benelux Pass

    Once you have purchased your Benelux Pass on Klook, you will have your Eurail Pass mailed to you for free. You will need to activate your pass at any railway official at the station of departure or at a Eurail Aid Office within 11 months of the date of issue. Before boarding a train, you will also need to fill in the travel calendar and travel diary on the pass cover

    Seat Reservations

    Reservations are needed for most of the high speed, overnight, scenic and international trains. You can make seat reservations up to 3 months before your selected departure date but do note that these reservations will cost you additional fees.

    Itinerary: Cities to visit in Benelux in 1 week

    Day 1: Brussels

    The capital of Belgium, Brussels is a must visit city in the Benelux! There are many beautiful architectural landmarks like the Grand Place you can’t miss but yet there is also a touch of comedy in the statues like Manneken Pis - literally a statue of a boy peeing. All these are within walking distance from each other so dress in comfy walking shoes and get exploring.

    The city also has a modern touch with futuristic looking landmarks like the Atomium. Located in the Heysel Park, this model of the atom standing tall at a whopping 100 metres is a great place to enjoy a panoramic view of the city.

    Some of the must eat foods include of course, Belgian fries, Belgian chocolates, Belgian waffles, mussels and Belgian beer. We recommend getting your freshly cut fries with the traditional Andalouse sauce!

    Day 2: Bruges

    Getting to Bruges: There are direct trains from Brussels to Bruges every few minutes and the journey time is under 1 hour.

    Bruges is the largest capital in the West Flanders and looks just like the backdrop of a fairytale! The medieval tones of Bruges’ cobblestone lanes are some of the reasons why it was named a UNESCO World Heritage City.

    Some notable landmarks are the Bruges Belfry or clock tower. Standing at 83 metres tall, it houses a carillon with 47 bells! Work out those legs by taking a climb up the 366 steps to the top for a panoramic view of Bruges.

    No visit to Bruges is complete without a boat ride on its canals. A half an hour trip around the city will bring you around some of the most noteworthy places of the city from a completely different angle.

    Day 3: Ghent

    Ghent is one of Belgium’s hidden gems! This small city filled with a wealth of unique roofs, historical castles and quirky bars waiting to be explored.

    You’ll definitely want to take a visit to the Gravensteen castle! Known as the “Castle of the Counts”, this castle is home to the Arms Museum and the Museum of Judicial objects. Take a glimpse into how people were tortured in the medieval times and be glad you’ve long past that, especially the mask of shame.

    Getting to Ghent: There are direct intercity trains from Bruges to Ghent every 15 -20 minutes and the journey will take you around 20 minutes.

    Day 4: Rotterdam

    Rotterdam is definitely a city that you need to visit when in the Benelux. This young and dynamic city is home to sparkling skyscrapers, hipster restaurants and food markets and an impressive port. What is most notable is the hypermodern landmarks like the Erasmusbrug, Markthal and the Timmerhuis.

    The Cubic Houses are some of the most unique architectural features of Rotterdam. The tilted design even follows it indoors where all the walls and windows are angled at 54.7 degrees, providing excellent views of the surrounding area.

    Day 5-6: Amsterdam

    Getting to Amsterdam: There are direct Intercity trains between Rotterdam and Amsterdam every few minutes and the journey takes only 40 minutes.

    One day is simply not enough to fully capture all that the capital of the Netherlands - Amsterdam has to offer. Land of windmills, tulip gardens and some of the most significant bits of history, here are some of the must visit spots of the city.

    • Zaanse Schans
    • Keukenhof
    • The Rijksmuseum

    Check out our first timer’s guide to Amsterdam to find out more!

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    Day 7: Luxembourg

    The last stop of your trip in the Benelux will definitely have to be to Luxembourg. This fairytale destination with over 50 castles and charming villages as well as avant garde contemporary landmarks makes it the perfect destination for everyone.

    The castles along the Bock region are some of the must visit places on your trip. The Bock Casemates that once served as World War 2 bomb shelters provide you a great insight to the history of the place. After that, walk up the Bock Cliff to get some of the best views of the city.

    Did we also mention that this place is a foodie heaven? Luxembourg has the highest number of Michelin award restaurants - 11 stars and 14 bib gourmands!

    Getting to Luxembourg: Take the Thalys high-speed train from Amsterdam to Brussels and transfer to Luxembourg on an intercity train. Do note that the Thalys high speed train requires seat reservations. The total travel time is around 5 hours and 30 minutes so we do recommend getting a morning train so that you’ll have the rest of the day to explore the city.