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    Rotorua Outdoor Adventure 2020

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    What Travellers Think of Rotorua

    Kok Kee
    Published 340 days ago
    Klook booking made things easier for me. I went straight to the counter to claim my ticket to get access to the gondola ride. I was lucky to have the whole gondola by myself. I enjoyed 360 degree view in my gondola ride. There was no time limit to stay on the hill. It was a paradise for those who like challenging activities. However, they are not suitable for people having spine or back problems. I enjoyed the scenic view looking from the hill. However, transportation was an issue. Going there and leaving the place was difficult as it was located out of the central area. The only way was by taxi. I was lucky enough to hop on and off a small tour group van that was free.
    Published 274 days ago
    The view from the gondola is really beautiful. The lake and mountain views are very clear. After going up the mountain, you can see that the alpaca is very cute. Playing with a rocking car is also very exciting and fun. Three different routes can be chosen depending on how bold you are. After sliding down the mountain, you can go up as a suspended cable car. You do n’t need to move it by yourself, and the hanging cable car feet are suspended. Although it ’s slow to walk, it ’s still very exciting. Dinner is very delicious. We are vegetarian. Many, the waiters and chefs have a very good attitude. If you want to know the details of the dishes, they will be happy to explain to you. This trip was fun. Very recommended

    Popular Outdoor Adventure in Rotorua

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