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    Rotorua Spa & Wellness 2020

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    What Travellers Think of Rotorua

    Kok Kee
    Published 340 days ago
    I enjoyed booking through Klook as it's convenient and I was granted access quite fast. It's a nice place with different pools of different temperatures. But the temperatures varied within 1 to 2 Celsius only, not much of impact. There was a swimming pool as well. The acidic and alkaline pools were just besides the lake with great view. But they weren't big enough if there were too many people. In the afternoon, there were too crowded as there were many tour groups. By the evening, it was slightly less crowded. It's the time I enjoyed much. I spent hours relaxing there. The changing area was spacious and shower cream was provided.
    Published 221 days ago
    Each person only has 20 minutes to soak in the mud. It is not good for the skin for too long. If you have makeup and sunscreen lotion, you must wipe it off (or do not apply makeup and do not apply on the face). Otherwise, chemical changes will not be good for the skin. The footpath next to you can also be walked, but the taste is a bit pungent

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