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    Rotorua Local Sightseeing 2020

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    What Travellers Think of Rotorua

    Review for: Lakeland Queen Cruise
    Published 335 days ago
    A brilliant way to see Rotorua and the surrounding area from the lake. Downstairs there was buffet with a variety of different foods on offer for lunch, which was nice, although some of the passengers had trouble with the concept of queueing. Upstairs was also comfortable, with an even better view. A very pleasant outing.
    Chee Kin
    Published 315 days ago
    The cultural show was interesting and there was also brief narration on the different gestures used by the Maori natives, the tools and weapons used by them. The main highlight of the dinner was the dishes cooked in the hangi. There are also other dishes that are not cooked in a hangi and the spread of food was very good. After dinner, a guide will show the participants the geysers near the restaurant which is 5 mins walking time. Overall, the experience was really good.
    Swee Vien
    Published 301 days ago
    Really fun experience! Not knowing anything about the Maori culture, we just went and really enjoyed ourselves! The night started with a welcome by the host, picking a chief from the whole group, a really large group of 20 tables. Then moving on to the display of the hangi meal, canoe entrance, cultural show and then dinner. Have an empty stomach as the meals were all meat and carbs! (You’ll find that it taste better if you were really hungry!!) after dinner, they showed us their makeshift village in the bush and glow worms (can’t really see close up but have seen before elsewhere so not bothered). Overall, if you know nothing about the culture then go without any expectations and you’ll leave feeling inspired! Our host was really funny too!
    Published 236 days ago
    Cultural experience was something different and an enjoyment. Tour was very detail in answering questions and explained the traditions and thoughts with us. Food buffet wasnt bad. We also got the kiwi experience but didn't get to see any that night, but was advised to go back the next morning for free and saw the very active kiwis. No pictures allowed when going to see the kiwis btw.

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