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    Rotorua Attractions & Shows 2020

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    What Travellers Think of Rotorua

    Kok Kee
    Published 342 days ago
    I enjoyed booking through Klook as it's convenient and I was granted access quite fast. It's a nice place with different pools of different temperatures. But the temperatures varied within 1 to 2 Celsius only, not much of impact. There was a swimming pool as well. The acidic and alkaline pools were just besides the lake with great view. But they weren't big enough if there were too many people. In the afternoon, there were too crowded as there were many tour groups. By the evening, it was slightly less crowded. It's the time I enjoyed much. I spent hours relaxing there. The changing area was spacious and shower cream was provided.
    Review for: Te Puia Day Pass
    Published 306 days ago
    Very easy to change for the ticket. It was raining so we were seated in their hall for the cultural show at 10.15am. It was a good performance. then they have guided tour after the show. We didn't wait for guided tour coz we were in a hurry to go to pohutu greyser for the eruptions. Then we went to see kiwi bird, maori old village n schools of arts & craft. such a big place to walk around. Make sure u finished all n if u need to use the bathroom use it first before entering the souvenirs shop coz it is the exit
    Swee Vien
    Published 301 days ago
    Really fun experience! Not knowing anything about the Maori culture, we just went and really enjoyed ourselves! The night started with a welcome by the host, picking a chief from the whole group, a really large group of 20 tables. Then moving on to the display of the hangi meal, canoe entrance, cultural show and then dinner. Have an empty stomach as the meals were all meat and carbs! (You’ll find that it taste better if you were really hungry!!) after dinner, they showed us their makeshift village in the bush and glow worms (can’t really see close up but have seen before elsewhere so not bothered). Overall, if you know nothing about the culture then go without any expectations and you’ll leave feeling inspired! Our host was really funny too!
    Review for: Te Puia Day Pass
    Wing In
    Published 287 days ago
    there is 3 highlights in the park, thermal geo, kiwi bird and the culture of Maori. this park contained everything. ???????????? it is worth to go and must involved in the tour guild which the staffs is very professional and nice. buying ticket at Klook is cheaper.
    Published 236 days ago
    Cultural experience was something different and an enjoyment. Tour was very detail in answering questions and explained the traditions and thoughts with us. Food buffet wasnt bad. We also got the kiwi experience but didn't get to see any that night, but was advised to go back the next morning for free and saw the very active kiwis. No pictures allowed when going to see the kiwis btw.
    Published 226 days ago
    Picturesque view of champagne pool is a must see. Also, the view of the lake ngakoro was amazing and very refreshing. Tips for travelers, going around rotorua is much better with car. I was traveling alone and took the bus to Wai-o-tapu, and we (2 other solo travelers) almost missed the lady knox geyser because we had to walk for almost 2kms to the park entrance to get tickets . And then walk back to the lady knox geyser for 1.2kms to see the show. Gladly someone gave us a ride.

    Popular Attractions & Shows in Rotorua

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