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    What to know

    Popular activities in Bali

    Nusa Penida Day Tour from Bali
    ★ 4.4
    40K+ Booked
    Bestseller Instant Confirmation

    US$ 42.15

    From US$ 34.05

    Blue Lagoon Waterfall (Puncak Sari) Ticket in Bali
    ★ 5.0
    Instant Confirmation

    US$ 1.05

    From US$ 0.89

    Bali Safari and Marine Park Tickets (Domestic Rate)
    ★ 4.4
    2K+ Booked
    Bestseller Instant Confirmation

    From US$ 10.55

    Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Experience
    ★ 4.6
    10K+ Booked
    Bestseller Instant Confirmation

    US$ 33.35

    From US$ 32.30

    Vue Beach Club Day Pass in Canggu
    ★ 4.5
    200+ Booked
    Instant Confirmation

    US$ 10.19

    From US$ 9.49

    Mount Batur Custom Sunrise Trekking Experience
    ★ 4.9
    2K+ Booked
    Bestseller Instant Confirmation

    US$ 36.89

    From US$ 31.59

    Waterbom Bali Admission Ticket
    ★ 4.8
    50K+ Booked
    Bestseller Instant Confirmation

    US$ 23.89

    From US$ 19.09

    Mount Batur Trekking Admission Ticket in Bali
    Instant Confirmation

    US$ 5.99

    From US$ 4.95

    Uluwatu Temple Sunset and Kecak Fire Dance
    ★ 4.3
    10K+ Booked
    Bestseller Instant Confirmation

    US$ 28.00

    From US$ 25.79

    Full Body Massage Experience at Anika Spa Kuta
    ★ 4.2
    1K+ Booked
    Instant Confirmation

    US$ 28.09

    From US$ 12.29

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    Best of Bali Offers
    Exciting tours, thrilling activities, and relaxing treatments — be sure to experience the entirety of Bali like never before!
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    Bali's Best Attractions
    Don't miss these must-do attractions in Bali - from fantastic theme parks to the famous indoor playgrounds
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    Tropical Escapades
    Witness a slice of Indonesian paradise with views and local group activities that will take your breath away
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    Nusa Penida Essentials
    Must-do activities while on vacation in Nusa Penida, from seeing the beautiful scenery of Nusa Penida, rent a car, trying various exciting attractions, and overnight in one of popular hotels in Nusa Penida!
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    Recreational Treats
    Take a trip to the spa, soak up the sun at the beach, or experience a yoga class in Bali! You deserve to slow down to refresh and rejuvenate your soul
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    Touchdown Bali
    Make your arrival at Bali as hassle-free as possible with these travel essentials!
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    Why people love Bali

    Endah Proborini &amp; Pty. Initially, we only wanted to spend the weekend with family in Ubud, but suddenly we were interested in the cooking class program offered by Varatrip because the concept was very &quot;indigenous&quot; by cooking directly at the residence of a Balinese family, with all authenticity without engineering such as a kitchen that still uses a firewood stove, local ingredients that are mostly taken directly from the yard of the house, very traditional cooking techniques as well as enjoying the cooking class dishes with the atmosphere of a Balinese family home. The menu on offer is very simple &quot;vegetarian food&quot; but very delicious beyond our expectations, because we are not vegetarian and never thought that we would be very satisfied and like it. The ingredients, method and taste are also according to taste, easy and can be made provisions for cooking at home. Even though we already have an online culinary business for Indonesian cuisine, we are very happy with this experience. The saying &quot;it&#39;s never too late to learn&quot; is true .. Thank you Varatrip for making our short vacation more meaningful. In the midst of this pandemic, not only prices will definitely be paid attention to, but punctuality is also an overall experience such as choosing a place, menu and way of handle ????
    It’s a bit hard to go by boat in the middle of the night, but seeing the true face of Mount Ijen, everything is worth it! The tour guide explained our questions very seriously and took good care of us. If you have a chance to go to Bali, I highly recommend going to Ijen Take a look at the volcano and walk around.
    lucky we went to Bali during the pandemic like this, so many tourist attractions were quite quiet ... assisted by Bli made as tour guides, we were invited to West and East Penida ... for him, usually cm can get 2 places because of the ramen and org until queued for photos. but just yesterday, we even got to 8 places according to the description and finished faster hehehe .. bli made himself funny and talkactive, along the way he told me many interesting things that make my trip even more colorful .. always success for this travel tour
    Driver (first picture) that we booked through Klook. On the first day, we book a car through the app and send it to the resort. Very good service, pick up on time, she is an Ubud person. So the deal that the 2nd day, she will take a trip Price 600,000IDR The model is very good, it is both a guide, a driver, a person holding a person taking pictures for you. She had a lot of fun chatting. A trip to Ubud, Nang is a photo taken. And help to recommend places to travel Very friendly The price is also friendly, whoever comes to Bali, recommend booking through klook, good price, safe as well.
    Very convenient since all you have to do is to rest on the car and wait for the driver to take you to the places you would like to visit. There were a lot of car rentals in the airport but we prefer to book at klook to avoid any hassle or inconvenience. We dont have to worry about anything. We enjoyed our bali trip so much. Highly recommend and it would be cheaper if there are a lot of you who will share the price of this as compared to us where only two of us are together so we had to split the payment into two. Great vacation
    Located on Gianyar regency, I travel from Kuta to the place 36 km within 50 minutes. The safari have variety of animals from Indonesia and Africa. You must hop on to Safari Explorer it is the most recommended thing to so. During pandemic, almost got 50 percent off. The down side is they dismissed the Bali Agung shows. The good side is the animals were in healthy condition and not suffered from hungry condition.

    Top sights in Bali

    Considered one of the most renowned tourist destinations in Asia, an endless array of fun things to do in Bali awaits tourists of all ages. From its exquisite beaches, stunning natural landscapes, rich cultural traditions, and historic religious sites to its relaxing retreats, upscale nightlife, lavish lifestyle, and appealing dining options, Bali will surely make your travel a memorable one! With a wide range of beautiful attractions to choose from, don’t miss out on these top 10 interesting places in Bali!


    Located on the southwest coast of Bali and north of Kuta, Seminyak is a fancy beach town that features charming beaches and surfing spots, along with a relaxing vibe and mesmerizing sunset views. With upscale fine-dining restaurants and stunning beach clubs, bars, and cafes that fill the coastline, tourists will never go hungry or thirsty during their stay as there are plenty of food and drink options available. You can also visit the boutiques and designer shops as you walk along the shopping streets in Seminyak.
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    Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

    The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is a nature reserve and habitat for over 700 macaques or Balinese long-tailed monkeys at Padangtegal Village in Ubud. It is surrounded by Hindu temples, statues, and over 186 species of trees, making it a significant aspect of the village’s spiritual practices, economic life, educational research, and conservation efforts. With 12.5 hectares of lush forest, tourists can enjoy an abundant amount of fresh air while exploring the sanctuary. Take note that several guidelines must be followed, particularly about feeding the monkeys with bananas and other types of food and knowing the proper dress code when visiting the temple area.
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    Located at Denpasar in Southeast Bali, Sanur offers a serene destination for those who want to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the island. You can start your day watching the beautiful sunrise before diving into an array of fun activities. If you want to look around the island, the paved beachfront path is perfect for a bicycle ride in the morning. For those who are looking for some action, you can try some water sports like paragliding, sea walking, wakeboarding, and windsurfing. You can also rent a boat to visit the nearby islands like Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida to dive and snorkel. Besides these activities, Sanur is also famous for its wide range of resorts, warungs, tourist shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants where you can enjoy fresh seafood and have a drink at night.
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    Mount Batur

    If you want to take a break from the usual beach trips and temple stops, there are off the beaten track Bali attractions like Mount Batur that you can visit. Mount Batur is an active volcano located at Kintamani in Bangli regency, standing at 1717 meters (5633 feet) above sea level. Climbing your way up to the top would require you to set off early in the morning, but catching the magical golden sunrise piercing through the clouds at the peak while enjoying a delightful breakfast prepared by your guide makes it a worthwhile experience.
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