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    Krabi Activities & Experiences 2020

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    What Travellers Think of Krabi

    Published 305 days ago
    Great option for a fun family activity, especially if you have an unplanned half day in Krabi. We met Jimmy who designed the zip line park. Very nice people who take proud of what they do! The staff who guides us along our zip line course took great care of our safety, and took lots of fun pictures of our family. Fresh water and fruit was served at the end of the trip. Highly recommended!
    Hui Ting
    Published 280 days ago
    My 2nd time on AtV. We booked the 60mins experience. The terrain wasn’t too tough. We did not end up getting too muddy from the ride. Abit disappointed that there is only 6 Atvs for the 8 of us. Some of us got to share the ride together. We can go on 2 trips but I Guess my frens wanted to do together. Overall, it was fun. Would recommend to Go.
    Published 265 days ago
    Krabi itself is the best destination. Of course, there were a lot of Chinese tourists. It was influenced by the Chinese New Year, so it was kayaking. I think the course was better than Laos or Phuket. I went to almost the level of local reservation for the lowest price and rewards. If you get a chance, I&#39;d definitely recommend it.
    Sorfina Aqilah
    Published 108 days ago
    The experience was fantastic! The lagoon is the perfect hidden gem. The water was crystal clear and the surrounding was gorgeous. The kayaking was a fun activity and its perfect for beginners. The guides were also there along the way to help you with your kayak but as a first time kayaker, it was really easy to navigate. The highlight of the trip is definitely swimming in the crystal lagoon.
    Aymin Shaneal Sultan
    Published 99 days ago
    An excellent experience! The staff were lovely, offering us clear information throughout the class with some laughter to make it even more fun. We learnt about the different ingredients, how to prepare them and then cook them into delicious meals. We ended up with so much food we took some away for dinner! A brilliant activity to do when in Krabi and a brilliant company to go with. I would like to revisit again to try different meals.
    Published 55 days ago
    The instructor (P’???) he has done the job! He knows the routes very well, he could instruct you where to move and how to go forward (indeed you also need your own sense of confidence and your guts) he was very calm and doesn’t give up when you make a wrong move or confused the direction. He happy to see the customer smile for new experience. I feel chilout with his friendliness not too commercial service. The operator was great, they come on time, (but i’m only 1 customer from Ao Nang) i’m happy to see they are serious to find the perfect fit harness belt for me. i felt a little bit awkward of being only 1 customer from my area they need to improve better communication regarding itinerary on site as i’m Thai nation i don’t feel lost but for foreigners it would be weird to feel that no staff is with you while waiting for transport to Railey beach. Anyway, I think the less customer is the better you get full attention. i’m giving 5stars for this activity and i’d love to come back to continue with them again. For your own benefit it would be better if you generally do sport you need body strength to support your weight to climb up. Don’t hesitate to try, i’m glad i did it!!

    Popular Activities & Experiences in Krabi

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