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    Krabi Tours & Sightseeing 2021

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    Why people love Krabi

    Published 148 days ago
    There is a car to pick up at the school. Get either Ao Nang, Krabi town The driver came on time very much. But I appreciate that there is no fixed call before the trip (like other tours), making customers less confident in the service. Got a 4-engine speedboat ride, very fast + spacious, can accommodate 70 people, good service guides, unlimited photos, diving, take Gopro down to take pictures of Nemo fish as well, very impressive. Do not deduct points at all. ??????????????????????????????????????
    Gads Grace
    Published 124 days ago
    Excellent service! Tour guide was very informative. Felt like a VIP as the whole team took care of me and made sure I was safe all throughout the trip! Had so much fun touring the islands and snorkeling. Bioluminescent plankton was out of this world thrilling to experience. Will definitely book again with them in the future!
    Published 108 days ago
    The boat is clean, beautiful, desserts, delicious snacks, there are a variety of Thai desserts and fruits, Pad Thai is delicious. Good service staff, very cute, everyone. Always smiling to help you take pictures. Next opportunity, if I go to Krabi, I will go on this trip again *** Package details web page does not match the truth. The duration of the tour, the web page says 5 hours, but in fact it only takes about 3.5 hours. (Board the boat 15:00, return to the pier at 18:30)
    Published 56 days ago
    Travel to Krabi during the New Year during COVID. Only the two of us left in the boat. Because all others cancel Due to bad weather But still came to pick us up Even though we booked as a tour but get a private boat, thank you very much. It is a very good memory. Bang made very good food Pineapple is delicious. Will bring your friends back again
    Published 24 days ago
    It is a trip booking that is not disappointed at all. Take good care from the school until the end of the trip. The staff of the ship, whether they are guides, crews, and hospitable boat drivers. See and tourists thoroughly. It is a very impressive trip. Thanks to all the staff Whether you want to take pictures Or difficult to do something Staff are always there to help. No need to wait, thank you for Bang and Bang Yao (I'm not sure of this name, I'm sorry if you called it incorrectly) who took me into the water and took me into the water, so just tell him and be ready to take care Next time I will choose to use the service of Sea eagle tour again. I am very impressed.
    Published 9 days ago
    Very good, very good value, the life jacket is very new, not old. The boat and the paddles are nice and safe. The guide is very good, we can't see us and help us to serve. Pick up on time The path that the pie is fun can actually do. Open a new experience. It's fortunate to go when the weather is really good, it doesn't rain, so open up the world so I will recommend you to my friends next time ??????

    Popular Tours & Sightseeing in Krabi

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