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    Singapore Panoramic Views 2020

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    What Travellers Think of Singapore

    Published 304 days ago
    Loved it! Quiet Singapore flyer carriage (it was me, my partner and another small group of 3 in the pod) and a Singapore Sling. It doesn’t seem cheap, but I wanted to try a Singapore Sling and get a panoramic view of Singapore at night and given the price of some of the other viewpoints, this was actually a reasonably cheap way to do it!
    Published 265 days ago
    If you take the MRT to Suntec City meeting place and take the duck boat, please take the Esplanade (Marine Line CC3 stop) and get off at Exit A The first time we went to Singapore Chinese Marina Centre Station was similar to Marina Bay Station, but it was a completely different station. It is recommended that the KLOOk map indicators clearly indicate what color the MRT is, and the Chinese and English station names and numbers to get off. The duck boat can be explained in Chinese, which is quite interesting. There are city views and water views of Singapore&#39;s famous attractions. It&#39;s just that the weather is very hot. There is a loud engine behind the car. Try to choose a position in front.
    Renee Joyce
    Published 250 days ago
    the singapore cable car experience is awesome!! you can see the skyline from above and the views in the morning and evening is astonishing!! the experience is very hassle free as you can easily look for the ticket booths and transfers from mount faber and sentosa is easy to find! thank you for the experience klook! i love it so much!!
    Hazel Joy
    Published 239 days ago
    It was very accomodating riding across the city. The scenery is breath taking and worth for travel and vacation. The cable car ride was a great experience shared with the family, friends, and others that was so relaxing while just sitting and riding across the city enjoying the beautiful veiw of singapore. You will be able to overcome the fear of heights because of the experience. I will surely recommend to visit or take an experience to this place for future travelers and tourist that wanted to take a new experience in riding a cable car in the famous city of Singapore.
    Published 228 days ago
    The place is spectacular especially the Cloud Forest. Hats off to Singapore for creating such an awesome place where you can see different types of plants from different countries. Not just that it’s educational but it gives message to us people that we should take care our environment. You can see it there how much the country really value our mother Earth. Worth a penny!
    YU HUI
    Published 113 days ago
    Remember to exchange tickets at the Red Dot Museum. It’s a bit of a distance. Those who want to buy e-tickets should consider it, but the Red Dot Museum is also good. You can go in and blow air-conditioning (Singapore is really hot) Two large cold rooms in Gardens by the Bay─ Huaxiong and cloud forest are worth removing. The plant is very diverse and the landscape is beautiful. It is also a summer resort in hot Singapore. It&#39;s a pity that when we walked on the skywalk, it rained three seconds after we went up. Later, because of time. Not up there anymore

    Popular Panoramic Views in Singapore

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