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    Singapore Fun With Kids 2020

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    What Travellers Think of Singapore

    Whee Khee
    Published 329 days ago
    Fat Cat was one of the few arcades we could find at Somerset so we bought this on the spot & earned 20 extra tokens. Redemption was easy - look for someone who can help u. One of the guys was new to Klook so he referred us to his colleague. $2 (refundable) is required for token card - they will load it with 60 coins which u can collect at machine.
    Review for: Tayo Station Ticket
    Jin Rong
    Published 211 days ago
    Tayo Station was a fun experience both for the young and the parents. It is located at the accessible E!Hub, and near many amenities. Many varied sections ranging from toy ride circuits, wooden cube pits, bouncy castle, show arena, ball pool, to a large amazing playground with fun slides! Highly recommended. My kid sure had fun. Small area to eat and drink with vending machines. You may bring your food and drinks in. Do remember to bring your own socks for everyone! Else you need to buy at the counter. No toilet inside. But you may get a stamp on your hand for reentry later! Enjoy!
    Biing Chian
    Published 106 days ago
    It can be quickly exchanged to tokens. Although 50 SGD can be exchanged for 300 tokens on site, Klook is not cheaper in conversion, but Klook allows you to buy a smaller amount and exchange it for the same amount of tokens with the same exchange rate. I think this is a very good choice for customers who do not want to buy a lot.
    Published 52 days ago
    This was my most favorite one that we did last year when we visit Singapore. It's ecstatic! Worth the price that we paid. Too bad we just tried the MegaClimb once but they said there's no limit so long as you did not quit on the first try. Why do we have such a limited time for this wonderful experience? Then the MegaJump oh gosh! It took me like three 'one-two-three' counts before I could jump. I'm sure my heart was left above when I did it. It was amazing I wanna go back and try it again. The last one was the MegaZip. My most favorite part in Mega Adventure activities. Another 'too bad' we were not able to film our moments up above the beach sliding on the zipline because it was not allowed our phone might fall. The souvenir picture was pricey we didn't bother to look and check ours lol. Thanks again Klook. This was a memorable experience.
    Muhammad Hasan
    Published 51 days ago
    My kid really wanted to do this as we passed by while at the zoo. I’m really grateful for the entire team, like Lexuan and Syahz. They were helpful and guided my kid on the adult course as it was his first time. It was a truly enjoyable experience getting to do this with my kid and seeing him build his confidence. He says he wants to come back again another time!
    Published 34 days ago
    Amazing experience, highly recommended. Klook’s ticket is almost 30% off of the official ticket that you can buy on the spot. Fun and exciting experience that kids and adults can enjoy and release energy. You won’t be disappointed if you would like to try something fun indoor. Look forward to Klook’s offering multi-session tickets/ bundle discounts.

    Popular Fun With Kids in Singapore

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