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    Singapore Transport & Travel Services 2020

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    What Travellers Think of Singapore

    yat Kee Albert
    Published 297 days ago
    we booked a car to take us from Changi airport Singapore to our hotel through klook. the service was wonderful. When we arrived, and whilst claiming our baggage, the driver was already there waiting for us. Helped carried our baggage to the airport carpark. Within 5 minutes, we were in the car heading for our hotel. Very satisfied with the service
    Published 296 days ago
    Mr. Kim was so nice. He was earlier than the expected time. He even served as tourist guide explaining the lifestyle in Singapore. His boss, Mr. Henry, was even nice to assign to us a new driver, Mr. Kim, instead of Mr. Kevin Ng who we disliked due to his previous behavior when he fetched us from Changi Airport. The trip with Mr. Kim was smooth and great. Mr. Kim, thanks.
    Published 268 days ago
    Very convenient way to reach your hotel and back to airport. No need to worry in how to go to your hotel once you arrive in the airport. The pick up redemption is easy to find to. You will have a slight tour of the best tourist spots in Singapore too! I highly recommended this activity for all tourists.
    April Grace
    Published 231 days ago
    a must-have when travelling to Singapore to be able to roam around via bus or train. you can also use the remaining balance to purchase anything on stores and vendo machines which accepts the card as payment. cards are pre-loaded and you can check the remaining balance via an app. thank you Klook for a hassle-free transaction.
    Published 88 days ago
    Marina South Ferries is the only operator that provide ferry services to Sisters Island on weekend. They are excellent operator, they have make recommendations to me on how to covers all the three islands in 1 day. Also, they have make a special arrangement for the ferry from MSP to go SI directly at 9:30am. Don’t need to go SJI and then change ferry to SI. MSP - Marina South Pier SI - Sisters Island KI - Kisu Island SJI - St. John Island This is my ferry schedule for me on my trip: 9:30am - MSP to SI 11:20am - SI to KI (Break for Lunch) 1pm - KI to SJI 4pm - SJI to MSP Remember wait at the jetty at least 10 mins before schedule time. Also, you need to bring your own water and foods to the islands. There are no food operators at these 3 islands. Please don’t leave your rubbish in the islands. Please trash it to the proper bins provided. Enjoy your Singapore Islands Hopping!
    Neil Nicholas
    Published 10 days ago
    It is a great way to spend time out of Singapore and relax by the sea. Cruise was easy to find and get the tickets changed. Better to go by Exit A and not B of the MRT it is nearer. Getting on and off the Cruise was smooth. If you are thinking to bring your bicycle it is allowed. Do bring your own drink and snacks as there is no shops not vending machine. Best to buy just before entering the cruise or bring your own pack ones. Overall it is recommended and do have fun like we did.

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