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    What travelers think of Singapore

    Ngoc Y Nhi
    Published 287 days ago
    The driver was very thoughtful and considerate but I have to minus star for Klook due to its lack of information. This service is a transfer services, meaning that they will take you from Singapore to point A and pick you up from point A or anywhere you want back to Singapore. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE WHOLE CAR FOR THE ENTIRE DAY ! If you want to travel from point A to B or C then you have to travel by yourself or there will be $15 extra /per destinations. May I highlight that THE SERVICE IS AWESOME but KLOOK is lacking information tend to cause misunderstanding
    Published 286 days ago
    About 10 o'clock in the evening before the itinerary, the customer service will send the driver, car license plate, and pick-up time to the hotel to the email mailbox. Remember to download whatapp when you are in Taiwan. Singapore uses this software. Customer service staff will also find people through this
    Published 268 days ago
    We have booked our ride for 2 cars that is for group of 5. We had toyota alphard. Very clean and very comfortable ride. Very convenient trnasport to use from Singapore to Legoland! Inly took us 1hr- 1hr 30min both going return. More importantly we did not have to go down the border any more for our passport to be check. We just gave our passport to the driver and he was rhe one who handed it to the immi agent. Advice: better get the Car group of 5-6 MVP transport so that you dont have to go down the car. Because if you get the Big Van or Hi-ace, mini bus, you will need to go down at the border to be individually checked. Big thanks to our drivers. We had the same driver return from sg to Lego land. Mr. WAh and Kelvin. They were very friendly, courteus and on time. Special thanks to Mr. Wah for bringing our back pack that we left in the front seat. Thanks so much! We will sure booked with you guys again.
    Angeli Rose
    Published 259 days ago
    its so worth it no hassle in and out of SG-Malaysia and v.v., no need to go down for IO, you will just sit back and relax and just acknowledge when your name will be called by the IO in the car window :) our driver is so nice and easy to communicate with and He is so on time :) thanks klook until our next travel adventure in SG/Malaysia :)

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