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    Chiang Mai Tours & Sightseeing 2021

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    Why people love Chiang Mai

    Published 321 days ago
    It is really convenient to pick up from the hotel! The guide Mr. Money is very good at Chinese, humorous and relevant knowledge! After arriving at Doi Inthanon National Park, it starts to cool down. It is strongly recommended to bring a thick coat even if it is hot on flat ground. It's cold (I think the temperature is just right after wearing uniqlo's light down jacket) Doi Inthanon National Park scenery has the feeling of small Alishan, and some trails have a sense of disrepair but it is a good place to absorb fenduojing! The King and Queen Twin Towers are also very beautiful, very special buildings, and the surrounding landscape of flowers and trees are also very beautiful, which is quite suitable for sketching (as long as you are not afraid of sun...). Although the lunch is a table dish, the taste is not bad! You can talk to the tour guide until you have enough time to eat! In the afternoon, I go to the Royal Project store, which is super good to buy souvenirs!! It is recommended to bring a shopping bag before you go, if you forget to bring There are also shopping bags from the Royal Project on site, you can buy as much as you like~~~
    Published 259 days ago
    Because of the epidemic, there were only our group of guests that day. The elephant was really super cute. The owner also led 4 elephants to play together, but because he didn’t want to get mud all over, he had to splash a water basin next to him, hoping that the epidemic would end soon. , Otherwise the elephant will be sold
    Published 167 days ago
    At the ferry port where tourists come and go, take a long-tail boat to visit the Mekong River, watch the historical golden triangle along the coast, and then go to the place where the territories of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet, and visit the small islands and Mae Mekong of Laoag (Lao) The confluence of the Gong and Mae Sai rivers has become a natural and beautiful border.
    Published 125 days ago
    Wonderful experience. Pick up and drop off on time, visited the most significant points at Doi Inthanon National Park and had enough time to take photos with absolute no rushing. The tour guide Miss Lek was informative and gave me a lot of additional about the park's destinations. Additional note for everyone who's gonna take this tour - don't forget to bring your long pants with you to enter Pagoda ;).

    Popular Tours & Sightseeing in Chiang Mai

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