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    Bangkok Transport & Travel Services 2021

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    Why people love Bangkok

    Published 277 days ago
    It is recommended to arrange the itinerary in advance and print it in the mobile phone notepad, or print a Thai version to the driver's brother. The driver's brother does not speak English, so we use the translation app to communicate. Basically tell him where you are going. But he will give you advice on scheduling ~ because the return journey is easy to jam on the highway! The car is very large and comfortable. It will pick you up and drop off at the hotel. If you want to change hotels on the same day, you can also bring your luggage. Get off the bus and send you and your luggage to the designated location! Super convenient!
    Published 101 days ago
    I also booked this for a friend. I compiled the itinerary for them and then booked the car for her, because it is more convenient for him to go to the place where there is a car to get there, so I must book for them, they just arrived, and now I feel this Ordering helped them to go to these places if they didn’t know how to go, next time they would order again if there is a chance because it is very convenient
    Published 44 days ago
    Although there is a MRT in Bangkok, there are many urban vehicles that are prone to traffic jams (especially at rush hour), but for passengers with large luggage, special car transfer is the most convenient thing! After arriving at the airport, the driver will ask you which airline to take (because I know which gate you have to stop at so that you can walk less far) and the driver's unexpected English is not bad, basic communication and dialogue are ok????????

    Popular Transport & Travel Services in Bangkok

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