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    Pattaya Theme Parks 2020

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    What Travellers Think of Pattaya

    Tin Kwan Fanny
    Published 292 days ago
    First of all, look for Klook ... Originally, during the Thai holiday, Harbor Land is only open for half a day, and Klook in disguise is much more expensive. It requires a refund for half-day fares, and the staff at the scene is very poor. The problem, strictly speaking, is to deal with the other four peanuts. We just had to redeem the tickets and it took more than 30 minutes. I first spoke English, even though I was arrogant and ignorant, until I was urged Only after seeing the manager can I successfully redeem the tickets, which is very exciting!
    Review for: Ramayana Water Park
    Published 276 days ago
    Excellent park and excellent discount from Klook. There are no more hidden fees (except for locker fee); even photos/videos from some rides are available for free. Park itself offers a lot of activities. Planned to spend around 4 hours there, but spent over 6.. so much fun. And some extreme slides (like loop) are really extreme!
    Published 73 days ago
    Great value with this booking. Book through referral Get a 100 discount for 499 cards for a full day, a discount of 100 to 399 baht. Recommend to buy it through Klook. The price is really cheap, worth it. The water park is a work Kor 6 to strengthen relationships. In the family very well, children like it very much. The child likes the father is happy. Can you tell me more? You like to play in the water.
    Review for: Ramayana Water Park
    kuo hsin
    Published 42 days ago
    The place is relatively remote but the water facilities are quite fun. One facility is standing on the platform and dropping directly from the bottom, which is very exciting. The other facilities with inflatable boats are also good, much better than Taiwan&#39;s water facilities. You can come and have a look.

    Popular Theme Parks in Pattaya

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