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    Pattaya Spa & Wellness 2020

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    What Travellers Think of Pattaya

    Published 353 days ago
    There&#39;s also a katok. It&#39;s easy to ask and answer. Go to Olympia? I changed it to It&#39;s really cool. It hurts a bit, but if you put up with the pain, it cools down. Olympia is recommended. The facilities were clean and the reservation was made around noon on the day of the reservation and I booked at 13:30.
    Lok Pui
    Published 322 days ago
    The chalet in the downtown is very special. The treatment of VIPs will take you to the independent chalet after your choice of aromatherapy. Wash your feet and wear slippers. There are separate bathrooms and toilets. The environment is clean and comfortable. There is hot tea and fruits after pressing Yes, the tips are not less than 100 baht per person. The two of us gave 500 baht. The shuttle service was very good. When I left, I took the taxi that paid the fare to Walking street. Necklace, when I went back to retrieve it, I saw that the staff packed it and wrote the information and waited for us to return! Very intimate and worth recommending!
    Published 273 days ago
    After contacting the local office for a fixed time, the service staff was very kind; the scented tea at the welcome was very delicious. The master massage is very careful, he will know in advance what parts need to be strengthened, and if the strength needs to be adjusted, you can tell the master &quot;bag milk: lighter&quot; or &quot;blue milk: harder&quot;.
    siu yan
    Published 240 days ago
    So comfortable! So pretty! So clean! Welcome drink, good drink, there are mango sticky rice food left! Good taste! Although pattaya streets are all massage shops, Zhong Haoping, 200 baht will have to press, but my skin is more sensitive, as long as the d sheets are too clean, they will mark! So enjoy 唔 to d 咁 平 both massage! Department expensive, but I think ok both

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