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    Pattaya Activities & Experiences 2020

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    What Travellers Think of Pattaya

    Maria Concepcion
    Published 267 days ago
    Best part of our Thailand trip! I love how the activity is not just fun but also informative. The sanctuary really takes care of the rescued elephants and the elephants are happy and playful. The food was also great. Definitely a must when you visit Thailand. My only note, as we were coming from Bangkok, the van from Bangkok dropped us of in the middle of the road and there are not much public transpo to Oriental Cafe. Better to go directly to a Pattaya hotel and ask to be fetched there. We spent 400baht for the taxi to the meet up place. But regardless the trip was so much fun!!
    Published 248 days ago
    A great escape to the city! It’s a combination of nature and nurture! Lovin the elephants in pattaya they are all amazing! Great experience for a first timer in thailand and never had a regret in choosing this activity and we really enjoyed it in fact we are only three in the tour in the morning on that day so we were able to maximize the time with the elephants and of course have a photos with them hehehe. Lunch was also great! We were also amazed on making paper out of elephant’s poop. So try this one and i know you’ll gonna love it
    siu yan
    Published 240 days ago
    So comfortable! So pretty! So clean! Welcome drink, good drink, there are mango sticky rice food left! Good taste! Although pattaya streets are all massage shops, Zhong Haoping, 200 baht will have to press, but my skin is more sensitive, as long as the d sheets are too clean, they will mark! So enjoy 唔 to d 咁 平 both massage! Department expensive, but I think ok both
    Published 190 days ago
    it was an awesome trip book by klook. I have enjoyed lot this was my first Iceland trip in Pattaya.. nd booking process was excellent and smooth. I did booking in my own credit card...that was fantastic options. highly recommended to all my frnds. 1) smooth booking 2)easy to pay - many options 3) instant reply 5) friendly staff 6) on timr service ever....
    Hsiu Ju
    Published 46 days ago
    A very recommended itinerary to go to Pattaya!! In addition to playing in the water, you can also directly contact the monkeys. The crew will always care about everyone, especially the tour guides who can speak Chinese are specially arranged in the itinerary. The service is very good and the explanation is very careful.?????? ??????, the facilities on the ship are also very new and great~ Although the cost is not low, everything is worth it~~
    Carmela Grace
    Published 40 days ago
    We highly recommend this ATV! The owners has been very helpful from the time they picked us from the hotel up until they sent us back after the activity. We recommend to book the one that includes a service transport since it’s quite far from the main road. Also, they offer a hill tour which you really should try! ??It’s worth it! The wife, one of the owners, is definitely an amazing guide! And oops, don’t bother if you don’t have an action cam. They will give you gears and helmet that is mounted with an action cam and you can purchase the memory card later after the activity. Definitely a must try in Pattaya! This is our first try with ATV and we didn’t regret at all! Experience it yourself ??

    Popular Activities & Experiences in Pattaya

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